Christmas and New Year Promotion of Fut16coin!

19. prosince 2015 v 6:40
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FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips: Basic Skill Moves Tutorial

18. prosince 2015 v 8:37
Do you want to know what is FIFA 16 Ultimate Team and how it works? You are in the right place. Welcome to our Beginner's Introduction Guide to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team where new players are introduced to this amazing game.

Beginner's Introduction Guide to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode of FIFA franchise. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, or FUT 16 as it is commonly called, is a free-to-play extension of FIFA 16 where you can try to build the team of our dreams. It is like owning your very own fantasy team. It is always an unfinished project. You will be always finding new goals to achieve: testing other players, trying a new formation, winning a tournament, etc…The game never ends.

Ultimate Team is not only about creating unique squads with the players that you like. There is much more than that. You need to control several things to ensure the success of your club.

Firstly, you should know that everything in this game is a card that can be earned in packs, sold or bought in a real time global market with thousands of players. In FUT 16, there are four groups of cards:

Used to to build our squads.
Used to give to the players what they need: contracts, training, healing sessions, etc…
Used to manage the consumables in the best way improving your winning chances
Club Items
Used to customise your club with badges, kits, balls and stadiums.

Playing FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is not only about manage these four card groups. You need to find the right formation to your play style and to the players you picked. It is on the pitch where you see if you built an unbeatable team or not. You can play on online and offline tournaments and seasons, challenge your friends or try the new Draft mode. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team combines your fantasy team with award-winning FIFA 16 game play.

To make the challenge of building your own squad even more fun and unique, there are some rules: the chemistry rules. It measures how well the players like to play together. So you need to buy players with strong connections with team mates. In other words, you need to try to match their real-life nationality, league and club. A good relationship with the manager, loyalty and playing in the right position also helps the players performance.

As it happens in the real life, money is crucial to build something. Part of the FUT 16 fun is to know how to make profit in the market. The more FIFA 16 Coins (FUT currency) you have, the bigger will your dreams are.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is played on the consoles or PC, besides mobile platforms, but you can manage your squads on Web App or mobile devices through the Companion App.

How to win the game in FIFA 16

10. listopadu 2015 v 3:53
I have been playing FUT since Nov 2014, and have 3 average teams (Seria A, Bundesliga, BPL) with 120,000...ish saved, but the next tier of player's that would improve my team are ridiculously expensive (Di Maria,Robben,Ribery,etc.) It seems that to improve my teams, i will have to spend REAL money on either Coins or points, and in my mind that just doesn't seem right?

I see what you mean - ive played people who I know I can beat - put it into seasons and matched squads and yes probably win top fifa coins. Give them a few OP players in UT and they're scoring long shots that you might only get 1/10 with your cheap squad. I just find that you have to put the extra effort in to nutralise those OP players

You could say that about any player regardless of price. Take Doumbia for example, he is a relatively cheap player but there have been games where my opponent has scored multiple goals with him and got the win. It isn't "pay to win" because in the end you still have to play the game and be better than your opponent. I played a guy last night that had Ronaldo and Messi up top with sol Campbell, Hierro, and van der sar in the back. He quit before half time when I was winning 2-0. I also futscoped him (dramaonyoutube) and he was terrible. I find this to be the case more often than not. The dudes with teams worth tens of millions of coins are easy wins. It's when I play a team of silvers that I get nervous

Honestly, it has happened way too many times that I play some guy with a super expensive team, and I lose fifa ultimate coins. The match facts will be something like 15 shots for me, while he has 2. Possession 60% vs 40%. One goal from an impossible angle with Messi or Ronaldo and I'm already fucked because they have top tier defenders that make impossible clearances... There is definitely a big element of pay to win here. Not saying it is decisive, but it's there.

The Amazing UI Menus of FIFA 16

7. listopadu 2015 v 8:04
I've seen a lot of great concepts for FIFA 16 in relation to packs , UI Menus and what not and they're all awesome and I would also like to add my 2 cents... and its about packs which I think would benefit a game.

Right now packs are the following in regards to rating... Everyone under 65 OVR = Bronze Everyone between 66-74 = Silver Everyone Over 75 = Gold
why don't they just change this to... Bronze = 65 and under Silver = 66 - 80 Gold = 80 and above

This would bring more incentive to open silver packs, Now someone like Kevin Prince Boateng or Lallana might have a little more worth because they would be technically the top of their tier. And due to the fact that there are more 75-79 rated players than there are 80-85 rated players the new packs would technically give you better odds for the gold packs at least assuming EA keep the same odds and also follow my next point.

2) ALL Consumables should be separated from Packs. In their own tiers They should have their own packs that should be available 24/7. Jumbo Consumable Packs 24 items every Friday 2000 fifa coins MAX

3) The 25k Gold Packs (3 rare players 12 gold) should be the standard Gold pack. Eliminating 7.5k and 5k packs. Seriously 1 rare out of 12 is 0.083 percent and that's not factoring card weights and the fact that ALL other consumables also have rare items.

Idk maybe this is just me but I feel like this could seriously help the overall complaint of packs, and odds and who knows maybe itll even help the market. Thoughts?

What do you think about FIFA 16 counter instructions

4. listopadu 2015 v 7:26
What I would like to see implemented in FUT 16 is counter instructions. For every instruction you can give an attacker, you should be able to apply a counter instruction to your defenders.

For example:

If your opponent has their attackers as 'get in behind', you should be able to apply an instruction like 'track player runs' with out fifa 16 coins. So your defenders will track that run up until they run themselves offside.

If your opponent's wingers have 'cut inside' or 'come short' applied, you should be able to tell your full backs to 'track cut ins' and 'pressure wingers' respectively.

I think that's the balance that's missing in the instructions, it's common knowledge that games should always have counters to keep it balanced. I think that's what is missing in FUT instructions and I believe it will go a long way in stopping gameplay 'glitches' or at least minimising them.

I'd really like to see a more FM style set up for instructions and tactics. Also some contextual stuff, like if you are dominating a team your half backs will start overlapping more. Or selecting a fast striker automatically means they try to get in behind. More than those though, fut16coin would love to be able to choose to play with a sweeper keeper.

FIFA 16: the AI will just cut you open

3. listopadu 2015 v 7:02
What's with the player models? They all seem to have big heads and small torso/arms. They just don't look right IMO. And some of the faces are worse than last year.

In terms of gameplay, I've noticed the AI will just cut you open in seconds if you run around and chase the ball. You have to defend, keep your Fifa 16 Account locked and wait for an opportunity to tackle or intercept.

Pace is irrelevant now. Players like Robben, Bale, Cuadrado and even Ronaldo, are struggling to beat mid-pace players.

Crosses are insanely accurate, and headers even more so.
Chipped through balls are still a thing, and the defenders still push up a little sometimes when one is played.

Finishing seems a lot easier. A lot of my goals come from shooting top corner. Very few low shots go in for me. Also, near post seems to be still OP.
BUT! This is still the demo, and the full game could be a lot better. I think a lot of problems would be solved if the controls were less assisted.

I did post about it last year early on in EA forums but all fut16coin got was "we will look into it" from a community manager and was never brought up ever again. It is just masking up and advertising extra formation when the two 4231 formations are exactly same to each other, except that it offers different way to get chemistry. It wasn't like this until fifa 14 and I miss playing on 4231 narrow myself.

FIFA 16 - New Generation of FIFA Games

2. listopadu 2015 v 7:07
I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe this is the year. If the final version looks a bit like the game, this will be the best FIFA ever.

The game feels slow, but not FIFA 14 slow, where they took years to change directions. Pace is perfect now, no more Doumbia running from the midfield and running right next to the keeper.

Passing is important now, finishing is on point (no more retarded long shots, finishing stat looks like it matters this year. And better, fast players who can't shoot IRL will be harder to get more fifa 16 coins, since it's harder to run away from defenders and send a weak shot near post - that's the best thing!). Slow players aren't useless (Iniesta is really good, Muller is also nice, you don't need 80+ place defenders anymore to be able to defend).

Keepers also looks better, no glitches after 45m of gameplay here.

I feel like crying. We can call FIFA 16 a simulation game, not an arcade piece of shit. RIP, pace abusers. People who thinks FIFA 16 is bad are basically the ones who can't pass the ball except for LB + Y and run away from the keeper with OP players.

Maybe my opinion will change, I need to play more against the CPU and, ofc, against other players, to see if there's anything abusable, but, at least for now, game looks solid.

The game has improved quite a bit. fut16coin will be one of the players to whom the slight changes will pandor too. If you enjoy the passing game with the occcational drible to find room for the pass that sinks the defence then this is for you. However. It feels like teams from the same league play read eachothers attacking movement better. Is this this just me or is anyone else getting this vibe?

FIFA 16: change your tactics

31. října 2015 v 6:55
I play on legendary and the only thing fut16coin didn't like was the playstyle that indeed doesn't chage from team to team, apart from that, I just try new things every time to adapt, change your tactics during the game if it's not working out for you . Won 6-1 with United against Borussia Dortmund yesterday, then tried out Atlético de Madrid against Liverpool and had to restart the match 4 times at the 89 min mark because I just couldn't win.

Possession is not a problem for me personally, sometimes it's low (40% is the lowest I had so far) but whatever, I can still create chances, tactics play a bigger hole in this game than some people may think.

I was so pissed when I saw this in the game. Like seriously I thought teams would have personalities now. Like in 2k16 the teams will play differently and play to their strengths. LIke the Warriors will try to get shooters open, the Grizzlies will be super defensive and so on. EA should of made Barca a passing team, Juve a defensive team, Madrid a counter attack team and so on. Was hoping EA would do the same but nope. 2 star teams are making inch perfect passes like Barcelona and finishing like Ronaldo.

You have to change your defensive tactics. The shit we got away with in 15 won't work here. I tried it in the demo and I would just tire my guys out. The theme of this year is passing and possession. You can't just run into the player and have them tackle for you or perform a standing tackle and it work.
So I switched (don't know where in the settings) from legacy defending to tactical defending, I pretty much got the hang of it. And this way of defending is so much better. I don't think I'll ever go back. Let the cpu controlled teammates go defending on the ball and cover the passing lanes. You'll get the opponent to lob or play risky passes. It's the only way to get by.

Granted my experience so far is just on Amateur for the FUT games, but I still get out possession(ed) 40-60. That's fine, my goals come from

I've played the starter tourney and it's on amateur with 60-something teams and to get fifa ultimate team coins. I think EA gathered that one of the basic premises of possession play is if you are in danger, pass the ball away to a teammate. That every team should understand that and not blindly run/pass into danger.

That's the best guess I have. But I see your point. If I have an 80+ team against a ~60 team, based on talent, skills, defensive ability, and pace, I should overpower that team 10 out of 10 times.counterattacks.

Who is your favorite players in FIFA 16

30. října 2015 v 6:50
This is a shame in this year's FIFA, because 'true' CDMs have always been some of my favorite players such as Busquets, Matic, Toulalan, Khedira, etc., but their defensive traits (interceptions, height, aggression, strength) are purely only useful when they're standing in front of your Fifa 16 Account breaking down play. When any true CDM player like Khedira pushes forward because of broken game mechanics, he gets 0 use of his defensive and physical attributes if he's hanging around your opponents box since they tend to lack in the pace, shooting, passing, and dribbling department.

With that being said, I've had huge success with playing more "box-to-box" midfielders in all midfield positions in the false 9 (it's one of my favorite formations too) and setting their formations on free roam so that they can interchange with each other, all attack and defend equally, and never be caught out of position. This way, you don't rely on specific midfielders to do specific things, and will add significantly less predictability to your play. For the CDM, I would say to have them the most defensive/tall of the 3 CMs that you choose. Players like Parolo, Vidal, Yaya, Pogba, Strootman, Nainggolan, Fellaini, or Lars Bender are good here (good all around stats and all close to or taller than 6'). Hope this helps!

433-5: This one is definitely my favorite, but I think it's a bit harder to build a team that works with it simply because every position between the midfielders and forwards are equally as important.

Make your CDM the tallest and most defensive of the 3 box to box CMs that you choose.

Your wingers must be efficient finishers. This part is crucial, especially since the wingers tend to act as strikers here and because they receive the most passing support from all 3 midfielders + your CF. LW examples include Nolito, Pedro, Reus, Perisic, Neymar, Alexis, Son, and Hazard. RW examples include Robben, Hulk, Bale, Berardi, Promes, Volland, Walcott, and Vela.

Your CF is a bit tricky. You can get a little creative here, and I would also like to go ahead and bust the stereotype that you CF must be an excellent passer to succeed here. This is not true. If you have a CF that can't pass, then don't pass with them. Problem solved. If you chose to go this route, then I would opt for a tall/physical striker than can hold up the play to make up for the fact that he can't distribute (Morata, Mandzukic, Jackson Martinez, Higuain, Benteke, Negredo, Bacca).

However, I don't think anybody can deny that having a CF with decent passing ability is definitely a plus (Muller, Rooney, Griezmann, Benzema, Tevez, Ibra, RVP, Di Natale, Raffael, Max Kruse). One last thing that I will add about the CF is that I would avoid using natural CAMs in this spot (you can, but the options are limited [James, De Bruyne, Hamsik, IF Perisic, maybe a couple others out there] since CAMs tend to be small and weak) and that 4* skills is, for more fut 16 coins, almost a MUST HAVE. If they don't have 4* skills, they better be pretty god damn good at something else to make up for it.

60fps on consoles - it's difficult to play FIFA 16

29. října 2015 v 7:17
The monitor refreshes the "pictures" 60 times in a second (not exactly how it works but just to keep it simple), and in 30 fps the screen refreshes the pictures 30 times in a second, wich means that the monitor, due to it's lower refresh rate, reacts to the actions from the game slower.

So obviously it's not the game that is reacting to the Fifa 16 Account, but the monitor you are looking at will infact react slower due to the games 30fps cap.

Furthermore, the monitor would not take longer to react to the action of the game as you put it. Fps makes no odds to how fast a game runs as long as the fps is running at its intended rate. A 30 fps game plays no slower than one at 60, you just miss out some frames that you'd of seen otherwise.

As I understand it its now up to the game what frame rate it plays at. Fifa 14 played at 60 on the new gen so it's safe to assume 15 does as well. Actually only just read what OP wrote beneath the title. Frame rate wouldn't account for the game "feeling sluggish". A low frame rate doesn't mean the game is playing any slower.

Its not even 60fps on Peasantboxes? Wtf? FIFA does not even look good. fut16coin runs it on 2560x1440 and my GPU does not even goes on Max-Clock.

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