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FIFA 16 Player Rating Predictions: Liverpool

31. srpna 2015 v 5:03
GK Simon Mignolet 80
GK Adam Bodgan 70
CB Mamadou Sakho 80

CB Dejan Lovren 78
CB Martin Skrtel 81
CB Tiago Ilori 73

CB Joe Gomez 62
CB Kolo Toure 77
LB Alberto Moreno 78

LB Jose Enrique 75
RB Nathaniel Clyne 79
RB Jon Flanagan 71

RB Andre Wisdom 70
CDM Emre Can 78
CDM Lucas Leiva 78

CM Jordan Henderson 82
CM Joe Allen 76
RM James Milner 79

CAM Coutinho 83
CAM Roberto Firmino 81
CAM Adam Lallana 80

CAM Joao Carlos Teixeira 66
RW Jordon Ibe 73
RW Lazar Markovic 78

ST Daniel Sturridge 83
ST Christian Benteke 81
ST Danny Ings 74

ST Mario Balotelli 79 (Linked with Fiorentina)
ST Divock Origi 75
ST Rickie Lambert 75 (Linked with West Brom etc.)
ST Fabio Borini 74 (Linked with Lazio)

Thanks for reading! I have already done predictions for: Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City, PSG, Manchester United, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid & Arsenal if you're interested in checking them out.

I will be doing a post on all the 5* skillers that could be in latest Fifa 16 news tomorrow and I will be doing predictions for the AS Roma team! :)

See Women's Squad in FIFA 16

29. srpna 2015 v 4:21
I'm sure it'll mainly be to try get females into the sport, I'd say you can make your virtual pro a girl and I'd say there'll be separate women's leagues, perhaps that you could manage (e.g manage Arsenals ladies or manage England's Women's squad) in Career Mode. I doubt they'd be in Ultimate team because (Not being sexist or anything) most of them probably aren't up to gold standered. That being said Stephaie Roche was up for the best goal of the year award last year so you never know.

NHL just had some "legends" that were women, maybe thats all FIFA will do too. I highly doubt anyone would want to play a full season/tournament with a womens squad more Fifa coins. I also highly doubt the FIFA game demographic has ever really interested women. Nice gesture for sure, but big waste of time for developers absolutely.

I hope that you cannot make your character a woman for pro clubs and play in a team with men, that'd really break immersion since it never happens IRL. I also think you'd get a lot of 12 year olds giving the women the biggest tits, the biggest arse and the smallest stomach possible. At least that's what happened on other games with such features.

Anything that gets young girls into the game and gives them idols to look up to is good. I was surprised when I saw the announcement but I'm in favour of this move.
I just pray for EA's sake that they've done other things too. If career mode, clubs, FUT and connectivity issues aren't addressed there is going to be a shitstorm.

Don't care if I'm being rude but I am massively disappointed if this is one of their "main" additions. Who is really going to play with womens teams more than 4 or 5 times? Work on fixing the shitty AI and your shit servers rather than adding really shit things like this.

How pissed would you be if EA spent all week hyping up some Fifa 16 coins android feature and then they were just like "hey we're fixing stuff that should have been fixed, thats the big announcement". Its far easier to just complain complain complain rather than thinking about these things critically.

What position changes are you hoping to see in FIFA 16

27. srpna 2015 v 5:06
Just remove the current system, take the preverred positions from the in- game info and base the chemistry system on that (as position chem). Make their comfortable positions full chem, related positions low chem and out of position placements 0 chem.

The problem is that Fifa doesn't change things to things that'd be nice to have, hence the Silva, Eriksen, Cazorla LM's.
I'm 99% sure Alexis will be at LW, as it's not only the position where he's played the most this season, but also his preferred position as he can cut in on his right foot then. And he's not been convincing for Arsenal as a single striker.

I'd like it to go in a different direction and see players have multiple (probably two) positions they can play without a chem reduction.
For example, Alexis can play on the left, right or middle. My main man Andre Ayew can play on the left or at CAM. I don't like players being pigeon-holed into positions that they don't always play IRL.

Positions and chem needs an overhaul. Players should be multipositional but drop in chem once they play in a position they aren't familiar with. Links should go too, and instead get a chem boost by players in your team from the same club or nation regardless of being directly linked. Lastly need more managers, the better/rarer managers should have better chem boost.

Muller in a central position is an absolute MUST. He has an amazing shot but he's so wasted at RM, especially as he doesn't real play there in real life.
Aubameyang to Striker (as much as I hate the thought, he's gonna be there). Koke, Draxler, D Silva, Cazorla at CAM. Fekir at ST. Di Maria back on the wing.
I dunno, I think EA need a more dynamic system, i.e, all of Griezmann's IFs/TOTS are at ST, but he does still play at LW sometimes, why can't he be both? Like a 'preferred position' card. Or even release an ST Griezmann and a LW Griezmann, the LW version will cost less Fifa 16 coins, but he's an amazing winger, and the ST version will cost a lot more, but will be, y'know an ST card. Same as Messi, CF would be more, but RW would be less. I dunno, just an idea!

EA should get rid of the individual position changes such as (CDM > CM) and add a universal position change card. Each player has preferred positions and at the top left where the players position is there could be a wheel and using the position change cards you would spin the wheel through the player's playable positions. For example Alexis Sanchez, his playable positions could be LW, RW, or CAM. If his card was a LW and you added a position change it would go to a RW, if you added a position change again it would go to CAM and again it would go back to LW. It would just cycle through his positions, this would make positioning easier for EA and also allow for more player versatility.

FIFA 16 will be the best FIFA games

25. srpna 2015 v 4:54
FIFA 15's Ultimate team is literally my first ever experience in Ultimate team and I just started 3 months ago so you can consider me a Rookie in FIFA 15
But I really want to be good enough to be able to be competitive in FIFA 16..

I don't buy coins and I'm not willing to do so in FIFA 16.. I just want to have fun playing FIFA in general but at the moment, I lose alot of matches (which is obviously not fun specially in FIFA 15)..

The FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition includes the full game plus:
40 FIFA Ultimate Team Premium Gold Packs (delivered two per week for 20 consecutive weeks) A Five (5) match FUT Loan Player item of Lionel Messi Two (2) brand new celebrations - The "KO" and the "Bailando Robot".

Great squad, maybe throw in Ramsey for Wilshire. Just a minor suggestion, feel like Ramsey is all over the pitch making an impact to buy FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins. A couple very general tips that might help even with a whole new game, focus on what your opponent is trying to do, if he dribbles down the wings a lot make sure to bring your own wingers back to attack the ball. This often leads to a 2 on 1 with your fullback and winger against his winger and still keeps your cbs in defending the cross, just a small example of how to read and counter. On offense be patient and look for the right passes and space.

Believe it or not, but the skill games actually do help a lot if you play them repeatedly.

Things like the Advanced shooting game can be used for so many different things, it creates a 1 on 2 or 2 on 2 type scenario that can be common in Fifa. It lets you practice skill moves, long shots, through balls, crosses, headers, really anything related to attacking you can perfect in that skill game alone and have it using the normal in game camera instead of the stupid practice arena with its horrible that really teaches you nothing.

You can just spam through those different scenarios they throw at you in the Advanced shooting tutorial

If ur on FUT, accept that the game is incredibly random. Don't get angry. It makes you play worse. Accept the random bullshit and just keep trying to work around it. You will play better. I promise. Anyway all I can really say other than that is try fake shotting into your touches, and don't be afraid to slow it down and pass it back if needed.

FIFA 16 suggestion - new online game mode

24. srpna 2015 v 5:04
Would never happen but
1v1,2v2,3v3, or 4v4.
Each player has the exact same stats. fut16coin can only change appearances. No actual real players. Just user created. You could change clothes and add hats and stupid shit.

Players dropped into the game. No specific positions.
Smaller field. Walls.

3rd person view similar to playing as a pro
Either small narrow goals with no keeper or a small goal with a keeper. With no keeper, the goal would have to be tall and narrow. If no keeper, shoots are completely manual. If there is a keeper, the keeper is AI.
Players need to collect the ability to sprint.

No fouls. You can tackle at your hearts desire but players dont stay down long if hit.

I would love this but I doubt it would be made.

Why does it need to have a FIFA version? It works wonderfully with cars, not sure any value would be added by using humans. What you're asking for just an aesthetically different version of Rocket League, so just stick to Rocket League and it's beautiful gameplay I reckon.

I have no interest in 1v1 to 5v5, its pointless. Just play real football in the park, that is the point of it, the pitch is small so fat boys like me don't have Fifa 15 Progress. There are walls so I can't smash the ball miles away, its so simple tactically, it requires barely any prep and a video game of it seems completely pointless unless it has a "I can't do that in real life" aspect to it. That is why Fifa street was made, not everybody can do skills/tricks like the players in game.

In Fifa you control the BEST football players in the world, tactically the latest Fifa 16 news. Do things that regular people like me simply can't do in real life. I'd prefer EA keep working on football and recreate the beautiful game, rather than waste their time with a gimmick like 5v5.

Fifa 16 is a football game, it seems you want a odd "kick about at the park simulator 2016".

The biggest downgrades in FIFA 16

21. srpna 2015 v 4:44
Vidic-absolutely horrendous for Inter. As a Juventino I'm sorry for our rivals in Milan. Evra-he was horrible in the beginning but managed to adapt serie A. Nonetheless he doesn't deserve 80. Llorente-he was godlike under Conte but not so good under Allegri. Asamoah-he's been injured for the entire season and yet to play on FIFA 16 Mobile Petition. I like him but I think he deserves a downgrade. Ogbonna-he should go silver. Bad bad choice Ranocchia-should go silver De Sciglio-problematic for Milan. Should go silver El Shaarawy-underperforming. Should go 1-2 points lower

As an Inter fan who watches every match, I must say that although Vidic was terrible at the start of the season, he has been a lot better under Mancini. I think an 82 would still be fair. Edit: And Rano definitely isn't silver. I'm not a huge fan of his, but he does play to about a 77 rating. Podolski should be silver too

Was wondering where you watch all of the Inter matches? Do you get them on tv or stream them somewhere? I would love to watch all of their matches but it's always on a shitty stream

I've sick of shit players with an average of 80 or more just because they play in the BPL yet some amazing real life performing players like Pastore need a winter fucking upgrade just to reach 80 and still get a terrible stat distribution and they aren't even rare gold.

remember when Pastore was playing in Palermo, was the biggest talent in the Serie A (and the world at that time, and most sought after) and has only improved since then, all though injuries have troubled him. Still fut16coin agree it's an absolute joke.. Dont know what they put in the water in Sicily cause now they got Dybala

he has only scored once in a season and has gotten play time. he has scored one time, while taking more shots per 90 than anyone else on liverpool. Giroud who has 14 goals this season is a 79. if you think a striker who doesn't score should be rated higher than one who does you are out of your mind.

but Giroud hasen't been that great he doesn't deserve an upgrade, and while were are at it we need to upgrade almost every other striker cause if they have scored more than once in a top five league then they need to be higher rated than Balo, Balotelli deserves a downgrade and a heavy one.

Yeah balo hasnt been very good of course but he hasnt gotten that much 1st team action and brendan rodgers didnt put in the effort to get the best out of him. When a manager buys a player he should have a good role for the player in the squad. You cant just throw him in and expect lots of goals.

My first choice in FIFA 16

20. srpna 2015 v 7:48
Liverpool, they have been my first choice ever since FIFA15. It's gonna be weird though without Gerrard this year. Might try to loan him in or buy him back. Also a lot of new talent, lots of choices up front, no Sterling, Ibe might be getting an upgrade so I might use him as a starter.

I've actually already decided all the teams I will use in FIFA16. First like I mentioned Liverpool. Then Inter Milan, Dortmund, Chelsea, Aston Villa/West Ham and lastly will be Fulham.

I always do Arsenal, I try to keep it as realistic as possible and avoid signing any big players except for one every season or two. A lot more fun to play as a big club but buy on budget and realistic. In 15 bought K.S.Y from Swansea Ghoulam, Timo Werner.

Celtic. Set up a YA in Scotland. Develop my team. Probably end up selling Van Dijk in a couple of seasons for big money and use that to buy a few solid players. I want to sign Zlatan for his last year or two even if he is low rated(I'll be his MLS). I might edit him beforehand to add some stamina so he won't retire really early. Long term goal to reach later stages of CL or win a lot of Fifa coins. Probably will sim against lower teams. I'll be adding Rangers to the top division as well

FC Groningen- The club my friend supports. We always both start at Groningen and then play while chatting via Skype (PS chat sucks)
AC Milan- Along with Man United,my favourite club abroad. It's also a nice challenge to bring them back to the top of the world.

Man United- See Milan. Although there might not be much improvement needed apart from the defense.

Portsmouth- My go to RTG, and now they have their stadium in, so yeah.
Apart from those 5, I don't really know.

EDIT: How did I forgot about Newcastle?! They look to be a really fun team to use next year, including one of my favourite Fifa (and rl) players Gini!

FIFA 16 on old gen

19. srpna 2015 v 5:02
Since nobody has cleared it up for you I will. Old gen has the old engine which in simple short terms means those old systems cannot handle the new "features" and lot of other things being added each year. For more info on it just search about the new engine EA has been using for other games as well like Madden, NBA live etc

I just upgraded from PS3 to PS4 and man the smoothness is unbelievable! I can actually dribble now and use skill moves and everything looks so crisp and nice.

The framerate is one thing, but the engine is completely different. Players move more naturally and there's under-the-hood code that the PS3 just couldn't handle, so EA didn't include it.

I played almost the whole cycle of 15 on "old-gen", so if you can't afford a new console, I'm sure 16 could be playable and alright after all. But after touching the new gen version, it's such a difference it's not even funny.
And thinking of no touch dribble and agile defending in 16, man I can't wait!

There will be a major difference but it will be worth it if you just play vs friends and play FUT. Not expecting anything ground breaking and if you are fortunate to be able to upgrade soon you can keep all your FUT stuff as well. Nothing to lose by getting it imo

Fifa 15 sold more on Ps4 then any other console and Ps3 was last. Does not matter if there is 10x more Ps3s does not mean they are being used.
Sales broken down by console show that the PlayStation 4 led the pack with a commanding 32 per cent. The Xbox 360 was next on 30 per cent, the Xbox One in third on 22 per cent, and the PlayStation 3 fourth with 15 per cent.

Because the old gen and new gen games are separate. Honestly fut16coin prefer they only work on new gen, they can focus on only 3 platforms vs. 5 and add things they might not have time for if they had to put equal attention to all platforms. Also, old gen consoles have been out for 10 years already, there's a limit to what you can squeeze out of 10 year old hardware

Don't get Fifa 16 on the old gen. I've played Fifa 15 on the old gen and the new gen and Fifa 15 on the old gen feels like a completely different game compared to all the other Fifa 16 Wishlist. It almost feels like it doesn't even belong in the same category. Fifa 15 on the old gen feels more like PES than a game from the Fifa series. The next gen is just smoother in all aspects i.e. passing, shooting, dribbling, ball physics. Playing Fifa 15 on the old gen feels like I have to put more effort in the game than I have to.

How do you think about FIFA 16 New Leagues

18. srpna 2015 v 5:04
I read on a site that Flamengo and Corinthians have agreed a deal with PES, refusing FUT16coin Mobille. Looks like the chances to have Brazilian League back are not so many.. but, I'll still be happy if they will make a deal with Ukrainian League instead. I would love to see more and more European Leagues in games tbh.
What league would you like to be implemented?

I want to see more European Leagues, but at the very least some of the top teams from those league in the RoW section. Croatian teams, Serbian teams, more Ukrainian teams for example. South America was not at all interesting with the limited number of leagues and no Brazilian one too.

Liga has Mainz II, Bremen II and Stuttgart II. That's three out of twenty teams, which imho isn't too much.
The problem is, the 3. Liga are governed directly by the DFB whereas the 1. and 2. Bundesliga are governed by the DFL. While the DFL is a "member" of the DFB, the rights aren't shared between them, so EA would need to negotiate with two different parties.

Even if I am a die-hard fan of Steaua, they are now shite! The time when they were winning vs Ajax or Chelsea unfortunately passed.. the players are playing without any passion, their emblem is gone (because shitty coruption in Romania), the fans are not going to stadium anymore, they play on the Romanian national team stadium because their Stadium is aswell gone.. their main players are also gone ( Chiriches, Gardos, Prepelita, Sanmartean, Szukala, Keseru etc ). They need at least 2m to buy their rights back and if they won't qualify in UCL group stage this season it's more likely that Steaua will disappear.

The club belonged to Romanian's Army before our new owner came and back then, the Army didn't give a shit about them and were willing to throw it in a trash bin, but Becali, the current owner, took it but without any contracts and the Army was alright with it. They didn't say a shit almost 15 years and now, when the club had succes, they made a claim that Becali don't have the rights to own Steaua and yea. They want €2m for them it's a long story.
If you really wanna know it, it's a video on Youtube made by copa90!

Fifa 16 NEEDS to have some new teams in it such as Partizan , Red star (have won champions league) and others. And for career mode Partizan have Andrija Zivkovic who is going to become one of the best football players in the world in some years and Red Star Rajkovic

I honestly haven't played 15 yet and am fairly new to soccer, but I all I know is that the Greek and Ukrainian leagues need to be in there and get a few authentic stadiums. And NASL and USL need to be in there.
And I think it goes without saying that there need to be more national teams, especially from the CONCACAF, AFC, and CAF regions

I think the focus should be in adding new leagues and more national teams. They should make a real CL and EL with all teams from the play-off round included. Ukrainian,Greek,Czech and Fifa 16 Full Stadiu, also add about 3-4 teams from Serbia,Slovakia,Slovenia and Romania. Each year shuffle the teams from these countries that take part in CL and EL so it does not get repetitive (for example one year Partizan and one year Red Star). From leagues outside of Europe Brazil should definitely be included along with some teams from Uruguay,Costa Rica,China and UAE. For national teams the top 60 should be in the game. Also they shouldn't delete players that don't play for the national team anymore or players that have gone to a league outside of Fifa, just keep them to free agents so we can have more choice.

Some issues of FIFA 16 control systems

13. srpna 2015 v 4:49
I disagree. I've had a lot of success this year passing on all thirds of the pitch. I've played against people who would complain about their passing after the game, and while some issues are outside of their control, a lot of the problems were from forcing passes and making risky passes instead of the safe pass that could preserve possession.

I'm not saying you personally are careless with possession but a lot of people that play this game are and would rather blame it on the game than take accountability for their own play.

I really doubt it. It's not like I just started playing fifa. I'm fine at aiming in pes, and it hasn't been much of an issue in past fifas. But for whatever reason fifa 15 has just been horrible. The power bar may as well not be there because the game has already decided where your pass is going.

I totally agree. In Fifa 15 FUT I couldn't get past Division 4 to save my life, I was losing to people who I personally felt I should have beaten, but because of the incredibly overpowered features with Fifa 16 coins I didn't have. But in FUT 16 it is totally different, FUT16 actually requires some build up, don't get me wrong the dribbling on pacey players is overpowered and the AI defending is worst than Fifa 15 but being able to pass the ball on the ground tragically actually wins you games in Ultimate Team. I blazed through all 10 divisions in my first go, eventually wining the division 1 title in the my second season. This was the main team I used:

I still need to build up play though. I don't just spam through balls. Dempsey is my top scorer by a big margin and Keane just follows him behind but has more assists. As for Donovan and Henry they have scored much less goals. It would be embarrassing for them if I called them strikers in this formation. They even have more assists than goals! This was my first ever team I build in FUT15 and I honestly see nothing wrong with having not particularly good or fast strikers who have good passing and descent shooting as attacking mids. They are more useful for me behind the striker.

My take on the issue about through balls and them being too powerful is practice. I hardly ever play through balls, now instead of sending a through a ball with Y, I play a pass with the X button in the direction space the player is running to. I found out most of the time its more accurate than a through ball. But the downside to it is that the ball has less power so defenders can catch up easily.

My main problem with fifa 15 was that it seemed like High pressure defense was too OP and it was difficult to counter that play style. I felt like the passing improved in 15 so it wasnt as the latest Fifa 16 news. The pace abuse really pissed me of in 15. Not that it was impossible to stop but just running into those players thAt just zig zagged all game . For me that was the most Annoying part of 15 and from what im hearing about 16 those type of players are gonna be in trouble .

I get you. The overall gameplay of Fifa 16 is good. Its now similar to PES than the other Fifa games in the series and is feeling more and more like a footballing simulation game- passing has become more difficult and so has shooting which means less crazy long range FUT goals from Cesc Fabregas and less perfect over the top through balls from a player who has less than 80 long passing. I will say for the first experience of the new game engine to Fifa users I would say EA didn't do to bad. If they fix the issues you stated whilst keep the same gameplay Fifa would be very close to a football simulation game.

Building process of your club in FIFA 16

12. srpna 2015 v 4:56
Absolutely, but it was never going to be a fix for 15, because the economy was already dead in the water. It remains to be seen what the availability of top players will be like in 16, or what refinements EA make to their system by that time.

I personally prefer the idea of extending the building process of your club, I feel like that should be the main draw of the game mode. I think anyone that opens up FUT, buys a bunch of Fifa coins, and buys a 85+ rated player in every position really misses the point.

If FIFA 16 still sees the top tier players never being on the market, it will be adjusted, that is obvious. I don't think it would be wise for EA to not sort that issue, nor do I think they're stupid enough to overlook it. The problem is, this is a major overhaul to the market, and it can be a year or two with tweaks for it to be fully functional. So in the time being, why not just.. play a game of FIFA, that's all I'm saying.

It's not like they reset squads in 15, if anything you should be better off now than if the system was in place from the beginning, assuming you dabbled in the trading aspects.

Almost every online game these days is in a constant state of 'work in progress', constant updates are applied to make slight changes here and there. I think FIFA could technically be a ~5 year long release, surviving solely off of patches to update teams/kits and add the very minor gameplay changes they actually implement with each passing year. But at the end of the day, EA love money, and they wont change their yearly release schedule.
That doesn't mean FUT15 is completely fucked, just it's economy. If you're the kind of person that isn't happy unless you have a full TOTS/Legend team, then you will be saddened by this change. If you are an average user, it will have little to no effect on you, realistically. However, I'm guessing you already have a decent squad at your disposal this far after release, so I wouldn't worry too much about your FIFA15 experience.

These changes bring me hope that people will play the game, and not the market.

Yeah, I mean I agree with you. But there's no way FIFA would not be a yearly release, because we all still buy it anyway. If, for example, PES did it and took out a huge chunk of the FIFA playerbase, then they would be more inclined to make that move. However, FIFA's stranglehold over naming rights severely gimps PES from ever mounting a serious challenge like that.
Honestly, I doubt EA considered the effect it would have on the availability of the top tier players. However, that's exactly the sort of thing they were trying to discover by releasing it now. This is basically a beta test for the system. They now have about 6 months of finding Fifa 16 coins android, and getting the hang of manually controlling player prices, which they've never done before, that is a process that needs this sort of time to get used to.

I think this change definitely encourages opening packs, now that trading is harder to make money from. So I hope that FIFA 16 brings a change to packs in some way. More items, more rares, cheaper packs, refinements to card weights, whatever it may be. I hope EA doesn't just take the victory over coin sellers, without compensating the average legit trader. That is what will really define FUT next year.

Recommend good things for FIFA 16

11. srpna 2015 v 4:37
A lot of people have recommended good things. For career mode as i play it a lot when i am a manager and simulate a game i should be able to make subs on my own. If a player is injured i should be able to take him out right away instead of playing him for an extra 40 minutes until he comes off, i have a CB subbed off and they decide that instead of subbing on my other CB they put in my RB or LB whichever i have on the bench as well.

I also should be able to change tactics during the simulation, if i am losing 2-1 in the 75th minute i should be able to ask them to attack more or if i am winning 2-1 ask them to dig in and defend more.

Away games while not impossible to win feels like they're so much harder than they should be. I shouldn't wipe the floor at home to Arsenal then lose to a newly promoted side who have lost 7 straight away. God knows the amount of COC games i have lost to Championship/League 1 sides because i got the away tie early on.

Scouting needs to be fixed. In my opinion the best 30-40 players in the best leagues should not have to be scouted, then you get less quality leagues the best 10-15 players should be scouted fully already. If for example i scout the MLS a player like Hamid should already be scouted fully or the Championship someone like Ritchie or Deeney should already be scouted. Could do with improving because there's potential for it but it feels still weak to buy Fifa 16 coins. Also it's not a huge problem but i hate when as soon as i load up a career mode there's already players scouted, especially when one of the instructions is any position and promising, too much clutter there.

After about a season or two the menus start to get incredibly slow for me on career mode. Not sure if it's because my youth players or something but the loading times take longer and sometimes just looking at all the players i have scouted can be slow and unresponsive.

Youth players shouldn't all be (Unless you get lucky) around 60 pace and have the stamina in the 50s that doesn't improve.

I think adding release clauses to contracts would be pretty cool too but it would most likely be like loans with options to buy. The CPU never does them and it's only the user, the release clauses obviously only being on your teams players.

Career mode needs a big overhaul but i would be pretty happy if they did a couple of the things that i would like to see them add.

FIFA 16 Arsenal players rating

10. srpna 2015 v 3:04
I usually make 2 career saves, one where I start with Arsenal and sign the best/youngest players I can get and make a super team just for shits and gigs, and then the more serious one where I don't accept any transfers and just keep the current squad and develop the youngsters in my Fifa 16 account. Really looking forward to seeing how good Bellerin gets. Will also be interesting to see what they put Coq at, along with his potential. Same with Gabriel. There's going to be so much tactical flexibility with all the depth now, too. All the progress individuals have made this season has made me irrationally excited for a video game now haha

going with our Starting 11;
Giroud - 82 with a plus 3 from a disgraceful 79 rating
Ozil - 87, maybe warrants a plus 1 increase?

Sanchez - 87, speaks for himself really, especially if Hazard is already an 88
Cazorla - 85, think thats a plus 1 considering a solid season
Ramsey - 82, not at his best so gave him a -1,simply due to the slight drop off in performances compared to last season

Coq - 77, pretty decent upgrade considering but lets not get ahead of ourselves here, it has only been half a season

Monreal - 79/80, been solid throughout and definitely deserves the upgrade
Kos - 83, seems fair, up there with the top BPL defenders

Mert - 82, obviously dropped off a bit compared with last season, but has still had a decent season when paired with Kos / Gabriel
Bellerin - 74, unfortunately I wouldn't put him as a gold just due to the fact of how big a leap it'd be, but who knows

Ospina - 80, pretty solid with the occasional wobble, not the best in the league but by far no means the worst

Scz-79 or 80 Ospina-80 or 81 (I don't really rate both as top keepers but a lot of people here would put Ospina as 82 or 83 probably)

Debuchy-80 Bellerin-73 (higher on current form but it's only been one season plus this way he's a cheeky rare silver) Jenko-75

Kos-83 or 84 Per-82 Gabriel-80 Chambers-75 (at CB not RB)
Gibbs-79 Monreal-79

Coq-77 with a 2016 January upgrade if he keeps this up next season and continues to prove this is a base level not form Arteta-79 Flamini-75 Diaby-74
Rosicky-80 or 81 Wilshere-81 Ramsey-82 Santi-85 or 86 and at CAM or CM not LM Özil-87 (but will be 86 probably)

Alexis-86 Theo-81 Ox-80 Welbeck-79 or 78, probably at LM
Giroud-81 or 82

EDIT: Don't really care what Ozil's overall is, but they really need to buy Fifa 16 coins. When he's simply unable to latch onto through balls or gets hawked by players who are undoubtedly much slower in real life it enrages the ever-living shit out of me. Also, having to sub him out of games early or being forced to sit him for the next game (barring a week break) is extremely annoying. Fix that shit FIFA

FIFA 16: be improved or not

8. srpna 2015 v 3:13
I really don't think the problem is that EA can't do anything... it has more to do with the fact that EA hasn't really made any real effort to fix it. a reddit member thatfloppy made the anti-cheat program for Fifa 16 coins android and he decided not to make one for this year... When he was asked why on the EA forum, this is what he had to say.

The truth is that they never tried. Their game is designed around and for consoles on the assumptions that clients can't do bad things. That assumption is not true on PC and since the game is P2P there's no authority, servers can't easily tell "who's the bad guy". There are some "easy" fixes that they could try: serverside checks on timestamps winrate and playtime, statistical infererence on match reports and maybe some memory obfuscation.

Those would end 95% of the actual cheating but that would * off the hackers and that could lead to even bigger problems, especially since the game only protection is: "please don't do that". They won't change their design for few thousands players (they have millions), they won't start a war against the hackers because they can't win unless they change said design.

I wrote this elsewhere, but cheaters aren't just limited to Fifa coins farmers. There are people who cheat in game and there are people who cheat just to troll with people. You have no way of knowing you are playing against a cheater because they use normal squads and the game will play normally until something happens. I've also had plenty of people doing lag switching too. Add on top of that all the pace/lob abuse and people generally being dick, playing on higher division just sucks on PC.

There really isn't much you can do at this point. It's part of the game and it's something to think about when you buy the next FIFA on PC. EA has shown no signs of actually fixing the cheat since FIFA 12 and I expect it to be the same next year.

What we need is a PES 16 with a competitive fut like mode (with better servers and such), EA does not have a competition right now, they do what they want, when they want, its sick

FIFA 16: MAnager Mode is interesting

7. srpna 2015 v 2:52
I would love a "Be A Manager" type of mode. I know career mode is basically this, but I don't have any attachment to the manager himself. I'm playing career mode for the team and rarely do I jump teams.

I'd love to be able to design a manager's features the way you do with Fifa 16 coins ps4, even down to appearance. Perhaps even going so far as to develop a backstory (former professional or not, position, disposition, what level of play, etc.). This could be combined with certain skill trees and abilities like contract negotiation, youth recruitment, tactical knowledge, negotiating with the board, talking to the media, player training, and you could hire your own staff that you could bring with you when you move on to bigger things.

I just think it would give more incentive for people like me to stick with a career mode in the "world" of Fifa instead of starting from scratch every time you want to play with Fifa 16 coins, but this would just be an alternative mode to career mode, not eliminate it. Also I know the skills and abilities would need some more work from what I simply stated, but those were just ideas to get started, not anything fully thought out.

I have a bunch of friends who come over to play FIFA, and while it's fun to play 1v1s and 2v2s, it is even more rewarding to play on the same team. You can do this on seasons and FUT, by adding a guest. However, you are limited to 1 guest. This is understandable for gamemodes where both players control the whole team, but it would be amazing to have an option to play on the same team with three guests.

This would be an amazing feature for Pro Clubs.
Three guests, along with a system where players can save their Pros on the EA servers, and access them on any console, just by logging in.

Most people who make Pro Clubs wishlists want custom kits and a training arena, and while the latter will have an actual impact on how you improve, custom kits adds very little to the game. A guest feature, however, would make Pro Clubs the best way to get new players interested in Fifa, and to bring the game to a new level of couch co-op awesomeness.

FIFA 16: an identical skill level

6. srpna 2015 v 10:35
My guess is that the matchmaking is designed for more than just giving you a fair match.

Sure, you'll get matches in your division against other players with a similar skill level.

But I also think that matchmaking also takes into account connection quality. I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather play someone a little bit better or worse with a solid connection than play someone on the other side of the world that has an identical skill level, but has an absolutely shitty connection that makes the game a lag fest.

Also, I think EA wants to keep your Fifa 16 account safe. I bet they put you against a bunch of players at a lower skill level than you so that you win a bunch of matches in a row, and then after going on a big winning streak, they put you against better players until eventually they put you back against inferior players. Half the games you play will be against players at your actual skill level, so when you're being put against better players, the best you can really hope to do is hold your division.

See, EA says they do this, but I am constantly paired up with people who have utterly shitty connections (I know it's not mine because if it was I would never see green latency or have a smooth game). This could easily be due to EA's own shitty servers but I thought 1v1 matches were peer to peer.

I bet they put you against a bunch of players at a lower skill level than you so that you win a bunch of matches in a row, and then after going on a big winning streak, they put you against better players until eventually they put you back against inferior players.

That's basically what happens with the ELO system. Let's say your ELO rating is 1000. You may play and win a few games with people within 10 points of 1000 (similar skill level). Each win gives you rating points so lets say after a bunch of wins (some pretty lucky) youre at 1100. The players you are matched up with around 1100 Fifa 16 coins now are actually better than you and you lose several games and are now back to 1000.

The reasons you usually play people in 1 is probably because there are less divisions around you when you're in Div 1 and there are more people in there than the divisions I was playing in. I don't know why you're arguing this point. Look at the f-ing data. Being thrown in with players with crappy connections has nothing to do with how players are ranked and matched based on that ranking. Nothing is going to fix that besides everyone playing on the same quality connection.