Building process of your club in FIFA 16

12. srpna 2015 v 4:56
Absolutely, but it was never going to be a fix for 15, because the economy was already dead in the water. It remains to be seen what the availability of top players will be like in 16, or what refinements EA make to their system by that time.

I personally prefer the idea of extending the building process of your club, I feel like that should be the main draw of the game mode. I think anyone that opens up FUT, buys a bunch of Fifa coins, and buys a 85+ rated player in every position really misses the point.

If FIFA 16 still sees the top tier players never being on the market, it will be adjusted, that is obvious. I don't think it would be wise for EA to not sort that issue, nor do I think they're stupid enough to overlook it. The problem is, this is a major overhaul to the market, and it can be a year or two with tweaks for it to be fully functional. So in the time being, why not just.. play a game of FIFA, that's all I'm saying.

It's not like they reset squads in 15, if anything you should be better off now than if the system was in place from the beginning, assuming you dabbled in the trading aspects.

Almost every online game these days is in a constant state of 'work in progress', constant updates are applied to make slight changes here and there. I think FIFA could technically be a ~5 year long release, surviving solely off of patches to update teams/kits and add the very minor gameplay changes they actually implement with each passing year. But at the end of the day, EA love money, and they wont change their yearly release schedule.
That doesn't mean FUT15 is completely fucked, just it's economy. If you're the kind of person that isn't happy unless you have a full TOTS/Legend team, then you will be saddened by this change. If you are an average user, it will have little to no effect on you, realistically. However, I'm guessing you already have a decent squad at your disposal this far after release, so I wouldn't worry too much about your FIFA15 experience.

These changes bring me hope that people will play the game, and not the market.

Yeah, I mean I agree with you. But there's no way FIFA would not be a yearly release, because we all still buy it anyway. If, for example, PES did it and took out a huge chunk of the FIFA playerbase, then they would be more inclined to make that move. However, FIFA's stranglehold over naming rights severely gimps PES from ever mounting a serious challenge like that.
Honestly, I doubt EA considered the effect it would have on the availability of the top tier players. However, that's exactly the sort of thing they were trying to discover by releasing it now. This is basically a beta test for the system. They now have about 6 months of finding Fifa 16 coins android, and getting the hang of manually controlling player prices, which they've never done before, that is a process that needs this sort of time to get used to.

I think this change definitely encourages opening packs, now that trading is harder to make money from. So I hope that FIFA 16 brings a change to packs in some way. More items, more rares, cheaper packs, refinements to card weights, whatever it may be. I hope EA doesn't just take the victory over coin sellers, without compensating the average legit trader. That is what will really define FUT next year.

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