FIFA 16 on old gen

19. srpna 2015 v 5:02
Since nobody has cleared it up for you I will. Old gen has the old engine which in simple short terms means those old systems cannot handle the new "features" and lot of other things being added each year. For more info on it just search about the new engine EA has been using for other games as well like Madden, NBA live etc

I just upgraded from PS3 to PS4 and man the smoothness is unbelievable! I can actually dribble now and use skill moves and everything looks so crisp and nice.

The framerate is one thing, but the engine is completely different. Players move more naturally and there's under-the-hood code that the PS3 just couldn't handle, so EA didn't include it.

I played almost the whole cycle of 15 on "old-gen", so if you can't afford a new console, I'm sure 16 could be playable and alright after all. But after touching the new gen version, it's such a difference it's not even funny.
And thinking of no touch dribble and agile defending in 16, man I can't wait!

There will be a major difference but it will be worth it if you just play vs friends and play FUT. Not expecting anything ground breaking and if you are fortunate to be able to upgrade soon you can keep all your FUT stuff as well. Nothing to lose by getting it imo

Fifa 15 sold more on Ps4 then any other console and Ps3 was last. Does not matter if there is 10x more Ps3s does not mean they are being used.
Sales broken down by console show that the PlayStation 4 led the pack with a commanding 32 per cent. The Xbox 360 was next on 30 per cent, the Xbox One in third on 22 per cent, and the PlayStation 3 fourth with 15 per cent.

Because the old gen and new gen games are separate. Honestly fut16coin prefer they only work on new gen, they can focus on only 3 platforms vs. 5 and add things they might not have time for if they had to put equal attention to all platforms. Also, old gen consoles have been out for 10 years already, there's a limit to what you can squeeze out of 10 year old hardware

Don't get Fifa 16 on the old gen. I've played Fifa 15 on the old gen and the new gen and Fifa 15 on the old gen feels like a completely different game compared to all the other Fifa 16 Wishlist. It almost feels like it doesn't even belong in the same category. Fifa 15 on the old gen feels more like PES than a game from the Fifa series. The next gen is just smoother in all aspects i.e. passing, shooting, dribbling, ball physics. Playing Fifa 15 on the old gen feels like I have to put more effort in the game than I have to.

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