FIFA 16 suggestion - new online game mode

24. srpna 2015 v 5:04
Would never happen but
1v1,2v2,3v3, or 4v4.
Each player has the exact same stats. fut16coin can only change appearances. No actual real players. Just user created. You could change clothes and add hats and stupid shit.

Players dropped into the game. No specific positions.
Smaller field. Walls.

3rd person view similar to playing as a pro
Either small narrow goals with no keeper or a small goal with a keeper. With no keeper, the goal would have to be tall and narrow. If no keeper, shoots are completely manual. If there is a keeper, the keeper is AI.
Players need to collect the ability to sprint.

No fouls. You can tackle at your hearts desire but players dont stay down long if hit.

I would love this but I doubt it would be made.

Why does it need to have a FIFA version? It works wonderfully with cars, not sure any value would be added by using humans. What you're asking for just an aesthetically different version of Rocket League, so just stick to Rocket League and it's beautiful gameplay I reckon.

I have no interest in 1v1 to 5v5, its pointless. Just play real football in the park, that is the point of it, the pitch is small so fat boys like me don't have Fifa 15 Progress. There are walls so I can't smash the ball miles away, its so simple tactically, it requires barely any prep and a video game of it seems completely pointless unless it has a "I can't do that in real life" aspect to it. That is why Fifa street was made, not everybody can do skills/tricks like the players in game.

In Fifa you control the BEST football players in the world, tactically the latest Fifa 16 news. Do things that regular people like me simply can't do in real life. I'd prefer EA keep working on football and recreate the beautiful game, rather than waste their time with a gimmick like 5v5.

Fifa 16 is a football game, it seems you want a odd "kick about at the park simulator 2016".

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