FIFA 16 will be the best FIFA games

25. srpna 2015 v 4:54
FIFA 15's Ultimate team is literally my first ever experience in Ultimate team and I just started 3 months ago so you can consider me a Rookie in FIFA 15
But I really want to be good enough to be able to be competitive in FIFA 16..

I don't buy coins and I'm not willing to do so in FIFA 16.. I just want to have fun playing FIFA in general but at the moment, I lose alot of matches (which is obviously not fun specially in FIFA 15)..

The FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition includes the full game plus:
40 FIFA Ultimate Team Premium Gold Packs (delivered two per week for 20 consecutive weeks) A Five (5) match FUT Loan Player item of Lionel Messi Two (2) brand new celebrations - The "KO" and the "Bailando Robot".

Great squad, maybe throw in Ramsey for Wilshire. Just a minor suggestion, feel like Ramsey is all over the pitch making an impact to buy FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins. A couple very general tips that might help even with a whole new game, focus on what your opponent is trying to do, if he dribbles down the wings a lot make sure to bring your own wingers back to attack the ball. This often leads to a 2 on 1 with your fullback and winger against his winger and still keeps your cbs in defending the cross, just a small example of how to read and counter. On offense be patient and look for the right passes and space.

Believe it or not, but the skill games actually do help a lot if you play them repeatedly.

Things like the Advanced shooting game can be used for so many different things, it creates a 1 on 2 or 2 on 2 type scenario that can be common in Fifa. It lets you practice skill moves, long shots, through balls, crosses, headers, really anything related to attacking you can perfect in that skill game alone and have it using the normal in game camera instead of the stupid practice arena with its horrible that really teaches you nothing.

You can just spam through those different scenarios they throw at you in the Advanced shooting tutorial

If ur on FUT, accept that the game is incredibly random. Don't get angry. It makes you play worse. Accept the random bullshit and just keep trying to work around it. You will play better. I promise. Anyway all I can really say other than that is try fake shotting into your touches, and don't be afraid to slow it down and pass it back if needed.

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