How do you think about FIFA 16 New Leagues

18. srpna 2015 v 5:04
I read on a site that Flamengo and Corinthians have agreed a deal with PES, refusing FUT16coin Mobille. Looks like the chances to have Brazilian League back are not so many.. but, I'll still be happy if they will make a deal with Ukrainian League instead. I would love to see more and more European Leagues in games tbh.
What league would you like to be implemented?

I want to see more European Leagues, but at the very least some of the top teams from those league in the RoW section. Croatian teams, Serbian teams, more Ukrainian teams for example. South America was not at all interesting with the limited number of leagues and no Brazilian one too.

Liga has Mainz II, Bremen II and Stuttgart II. That's three out of twenty teams, which imho isn't too much.
The problem is, the 3. Liga are governed directly by the DFB whereas the 1. and 2. Bundesliga are governed by the DFL. While the DFL is a "member" of the DFB, the rights aren't shared between them, so EA would need to negotiate with two different parties.

Even if I am a die-hard fan of Steaua, they are now shite! The time when they were winning vs Ajax or Chelsea unfortunately passed.. the players are playing without any passion, their emblem is gone (because shitty coruption in Romania), the fans are not going to stadium anymore, they play on the Romanian national team stadium because their Stadium is aswell gone.. their main players are also gone ( Chiriches, Gardos, Prepelita, Sanmartean, Szukala, Keseru etc ). They need at least 2m to buy their rights back and if they won't qualify in UCL group stage this season it's more likely that Steaua will disappear.

The club belonged to Romanian's Army before our new owner came and back then, the Army didn't give a shit about them and were willing to throw it in a trash bin, but Becali, the current owner, took it but without any contracts and the Army was alright with it. They didn't say a shit almost 15 years and now, when the club had succes, they made a claim that Becali don't have the rights to own Steaua and yea. They want €2m for them it's a long story.
If you really wanna know it, it's a video on Youtube made by copa90!

Fifa 16 NEEDS to have some new teams in it such as Partizan , Red star (have won champions league) and others. And for career mode Partizan have Andrija Zivkovic who is going to become one of the best football players in the world in some years and Red Star Rajkovic

I honestly haven't played 15 yet and am fairly new to soccer, but I all I know is that the Greek and Ukrainian leagues need to be in there and get a few authentic stadiums. And NASL and USL need to be in there.
And I think it goes without saying that there need to be more national teams, especially from the CONCACAF, AFC, and CAF regions

I think the focus should be in adding new leagues and more national teams. They should make a real CL and EL with all teams from the play-off round included. Ukrainian,Greek,Czech and Fifa 16 Full Stadiu, also add about 3-4 teams from Serbia,Slovakia,Slovenia and Romania. Each year shuffle the teams from these countries that take part in CL and EL so it does not get repetitive (for example one year Partizan and one year Red Star). From leagues outside of Europe Brazil should definitely be included along with some teams from Uruguay,Costa Rica,China and UAE. For national teams the top 60 should be in the game. Also they shouldn't delete players that don't play for the national team anymore or players that have gone to a league outside of Fifa, just keep them to free agents so we can have more choice.

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