Recommend good things for FIFA 16

11. srpna 2015 v 4:37
A lot of people have recommended good things. For career mode as i play it a lot when i am a manager and simulate a game i should be able to make subs on my own. If a player is injured i should be able to take him out right away instead of playing him for an extra 40 minutes until he comes off, i have a CB subbed off and they decide that instead of subbing on my other CB they put in my RB or LB whichever i have on the bench as well.

I also should be able to change tactics during the simulation, if i am losing 2-1 in the 75th minute i should be able to ask them to attack more or if i am winning 2-1 ask them to dig in and defend more.

Away games while not impossible to win feels like they're so much harder than they should be. I shouldn't wipe the floor at home to Arsenal then lose to a newly promoted side who have lost 7 straight away. God knows the amount of COC games i have lost to Championship/League 1 sides because i got the away tie early on.

Scouting needs to be fixed. In my opinion the best 30-40 players in the best leagues should not have to be scouted, then you get less quality leagues the best 10-15 players should be scouted fully already. If for example i scout the MLS a player like Hamid should already be scouted fully or the Championship someone like Ritchie or Deeney should already be scouted. Could do with improving because there's potential for it but it feels still weak to buy Fifa 16 coins. Also it's not a huge problem but i hate when as soon as i load up a career mode there's already players scouted, especially when one of the instructions is any position and promising, too much clutter there.

After about a season or two the menus start to get incredibly slow for me on career mode. Not sure if it's because my youth players or something but the loading times take longer and sometimes just looking at all the players i have scouted can be slow and unresponsive.

Youth players shouldn't all be (Unless you get lucky) around 60 pace and have the stamina in the 50s that doesn't improve.

I think adding release clauses to contracts would be pretty cool too but it would most likely be like loans with options to buy. The CPU never does them and it's only the user, the release clauses obviously only being on your teams players.

Career mode needs a big overhaul but i would be pretty happy if they did a couple of the things that i would like to see them add.

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