See Women's Squad in FIFA 16

29. srpna 2015 v 4:21
I'm sure it'll mainly be to try get females into the sport, I'd say you can make your virtual pro a girl and I'd say there'll be separate women's leagues, perhaps that you could manage (e.g manage Arsenals ladies or manage England's Women's squad) in Career Mode. I doubt they'd be in Ultimate team because (Not being sexist or anything) most of them probably aren't up to gold standered. That being said Stephaie Roche was up for the best goal of the year award last year so you never know.

NHL just had some "legends" that were women, maybe thats all FIFA will do too. I highly doubt anyone would want to play a full season/tournament with a womens squad more Fifa coins. I also highly doubt the FIFA game demographic has ever really interested women. Nice gesture for sure, but big waste of time for developers absolutely.

I hope that you cannot make your character a woman for pro clubs and play in a team with men, that'd really break immersion since it never happens IRL. I also think you'd get a lot of 12 year olds giving the women the biggest tits, the biggest arse and the smallest stomach possible. At least that's what happened on other games with such features.

Anything that gets young girls into the game and gives them idols to look up to is good. I was surprised when I saw the announcement but I'm in favour of this move.
I just pray for EA's sake that they've done other things too. If career mode, clubs, FUT and connectivity issues aren't addressed there is going to be a shitstorm.

Don't care if I'm being rude but I am massively disappointed if this is one of their "main" additions. Who is really going to play with womens teams more than 4 or 5 times? Work on fixing the shitty AI and your shit servers rather than adding really shit things like this.

How pissed would you be if EA spent all week hyping up some Fifa 16 coins android feature and then they were just like "hey we're fixing stuff that should have been fixed, thats the big announcement". Its far easier to just complain complain complain rather than thinking about these things critically.

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