Some issues of FIFA 16 control systems

13. srpna 2015 v 4:49
I disagree. I've had a lot of success this year passing on all thirds of the pitch. I've played against people who would complain about their passing after the game, and while some issues are outside of their control, a lot of the problems were from forcing passes and making risky passes instead of the safe pass that could preserve possession.

I'm not saying you personally are careless with possession but a lot of people that play this game are and would rather blame it on the game than take accountability for their own play.

I really doubt it. It's not like I just started playing fifa. I'm fine at aiming in pes, and it hasn't been much of an issue in past fifas. But for whatever reason fifa 15 has just been horrible. The power bar may as well not be there because the game has already decided where your pass is going.

I totally agree. In Fifa 15 FUT I couldn't get past Division 4 to save my life, I was losing to people who I personally felt I should have beaten, but because of the incredibly overpowered features with Fifa 16 coins I didn't have. But in FUT 16 it is totally different, FUT16 actually requires some build up, don't get me wrong the dribbling on pacey players is overpowered and the AI defending is worst than Fifa 15 but being able to pass the ball on the ground tragically actually wins you games in Ultimate Team. I blazed through all 10 divisions in my first go, eventually wining the division 1 title in the my second season. This was the main team I used:

I still need to build up play though. I don't just spam through balls. Dempsey is my top scorer by a big margin and Keane just follows him behind but has more assists. As for Donovan and Henry they have scored much less goals. It would be embarrassing for them if I called them strikers in this formation. They even have more assists than goals! This was my first ever team I build in FUT15 and I honestly see nothing wrong with having not particularly good or fast strikers who have good passing and descent shooting as attacking mids. They are more useful for me behind the striker.

My take on the issue about through balls and them being too powerful is practice. I hardly ever play through balls, now instead of sending a through a ball with Y, I play a pass with the X button in the direction space the player is running to. I found out most of the time its more accurate than a through ball. But the downside to it is that the ball has less power so defenders can catch up easily.

My main problem with fifa 15 was that it seemed like High pressure defense was too OP and it was difficult to counter that play style. I felt like the passing improved in 15 so it wasnt as the latest Fifa 16 news. The pace abuse really pissed me of in 15. Not that it was impossible to stop but just running into those players thAt just zig zagged all game . For me that was the most Annoying part of 15 and from what im hearing about 16 those type of players are gonna be in trouble .

I get you. The overall gameplay of Fifa 16 is good. Its now similar to PES than the other Fifa games in the series and is feeling more and more like a footballing simulation game- passing has become more difficult and so has shooting which means less crazy long range FUT goals from Cesc Fabregas and less perfect over the top through balls from a player who has less than 80 long passing. I will say for the first experience of the new game engine to Fifa users I would say EA didn't do to bad. If they fix the issues you stated whilst keep the same gameplay Fifa would be very close to a football simulation game.

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