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The developer cater of FIFA 16

27. září 2015 v 4:27
Well casual players are players who don't take the time to play the game enough to figure out how it works. Why would a developer cater to a group who isn't going to play their game enough to appreciate it? They can feel however they want but creating a game for casuals will almost always make a game that is more shallow with less replay value

They are some of the best selling franchises that exist, but if you ask any fan of those franchises that has been around for more than a few titles they'll tell you the same thing I do. Same game over and over with more and more assistance to players who do not put in the time to get Cheap FUT 16 Coins, and skill and game knowledge playing less of a factor into who can/will win the game. Aside from Madden and NHL (who have no competition) more competitive gamers are leaving these franchises as well for more balanced, less forgiving games. Regardless, if you like playing FIFA I think you would be hard pressed to say a deeper game would be worse than a more shallow one, especially after you pay $60 /year for the current version.

Not please the guys who are going to buy it regardless. Besides, no matter what sports gaming companies do, their hardcore fans bitch about it. Nba 2k is the best sports game out there IMO and if you go to their forums ppl are always bitching about how it's broken.

People are hard to please. With that being said, ea is the worst sports gaming company out there be they make the most and improve the least, but they have a monopoly on the genre and I really don't see that changing any time soon.

You don't know what the vast majority of the customers are actually like, so don't talk like you know. I would consider myself a casual, but I understand soccer and how it is played. When I played FIFA 13, it was all sweaty play styles with lobbed through ball passes, sprinting for your life down a wing towards the goal box. I'm glad this game isn't like that now. I'm sure many feel the same way

Both sides of the argument here have some validity. Although casuals maybe ought to try to learn techniques that may lead to an enhanced enjoyment of the game, it is ELITIST to believe that the only way to play the game is with 5-star skills and tiki-taka possession football.

I actually believe the biggest issue isn't nerfing pace (that had to be done). The biggest issue is the unrealistic settling time on the ball. This is what slows the passing game counterintuitively to their goal to focus on build-up play. My players will revive a pass and take up to 1.5-2seconds to figure out they actually have possession. Very silly!

The sad reality of reviews/articles like this is that it usually is the consensus of the majority of fifa casual players. This leads to updates that imo "dumb down" the game to a less skill intensive, pace heavy game. It would be great if devs stopped dumbing down games for casuals, but unfortunately these individuals make up most of the sales.

FIFA 16: Web App & EA Early Access

26. září 2015 v 4:36
We've seen A LOT of posts regarding the web app and EA's early access to the game in the last couple of hours so we decided to create a small post with some FAQ's you guys might find useful.

If you have more questions, please use this post to address them and we will add them to the post as we see them useful.

1- How can I access the Web App? This is the official link for the FUT WebApp: https://www.easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app

2- Can I use FIFA Points on the Web App? At this point, the only people allowed to use FP on the web app are the people who already have the full game.

3- How did these people got the game so early? A few people on Xbox accidentally got the game early thru the FIFA 16 bundle. Here's a tweet about it

4- Will I be able to transfer my Fifa Points from fifa 15 to fifa 16?? Yes, once you have the full game (ea access or full game on release date) you will have a one time option to transfer your existent fifa points from your fifa 15 game, to your new fifa 16 game.

5- When will the game be available via EA Access? The game will be available to play on Thursday, September 17th and will probably be available to download at some point tomorrow. Last year, the game was accessible to download 24 hours before the Early Access began.

6- How long will I be able to play FIFA 16 via EA Access? You will have access to the full game for 10 hours only. If you are done playing with the game, make sure you completely "quit" the application, or FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins, the timer will continue to run. The timer starts as soon as you open the application and ends as soon as you quit the application. You can open and close the game as many times as you want as long as you still have time left.

7- Will my stuff (coins, players, fifa points) transfer from EA Access to the full game?? Yes, everything will be exactly the same as you had it on the early access version.

8- Can I buy Fifa points on the early access version?? Yes, you will have the full version of the game and will be able to do everything on it just as if you actually had the game. The only difference is the 10 hour timer.

9- Can I buy Fifa points on the web app?? Only if you have the game for PC. Not for consoles.

10- I've been refreshing the web app for 6 hours and I still can't access EA stated that they were slowly deploying the web app. Since there are thousand of persons trying to using it right now, the web app traffic will be really high, therefore, crashing and showing error messages to everyone. Be patient and keep trying.

11- I played 60000 games and only got 4 loyalty packs! wtf! We know

12- Are there any Daily Gifts happening right now? Even though EA hasn't officially announced the EA gifts, most or all of us received them. We are not certainly sure about this as some of us have received 2 daily gifts today. Using previous years as a reference, you will get 1 daily gift per day.

13- Will the new TOTW be available tomorrow on the web app and for me to use on FIFA 16?? Yes. Tomorrow's TOTW will be the first FIFA 16 TOTW.

14- Will the companion mobile apps be updated too? The FIFA 16 Companion App for Android and iOS are now available! You will get 1 FUT Draft token via the companion app to use for either online or offline mode. The Draft Mode is available via the companion app, so you can start building your Draft teams there.

15- Do I get any other perks by subscribing to EA Access? Discount on buying the game, discount on buying fifa points and the 10 hour early access.

16- Anyone has any trading tips for the Web App?? As always, buy low and sell high. You can also use the search bar to search for helpful trading tips/posts the community has made.

What are your thoughts/impressions of FIFA 16

25. září 2015 v 4:56
It's weird, the fast players don't feel fast and the slow players feel very very slow. For example in fut draft my strikers were inform ronaldo and alexis sanchez and they seemed no faster then the other guys zabaleta and kompany. And I have kroos in my midfield and he feels like he's barely moving, overall it just kind of feels really heavy, like my players are moving through syrup, if that makes any sense

In other words; run at the defence of your opponent and breeze past his defenders easily. I played the demo of FIFA 16 and I was pleasantly surprised in how they fixed that. They might have made the really fast players a tad too slow though, a very little buff of their pace might rebalance that.

To be honest, that sounds like a good thing to me. I think defenders should be able to keep up with attackers over a short distance but as for long distance foot races, pace should definitely come in to action then.
The past FIFAs just felt like players with 90 pace had 190 pace. Plus it should decrease the amount of pace abusers.

That and a player running unfettered compared to a player running whilst controlling a ball is a thing that should be considered, even when natural abilities are taken into account.

There isn't an insane difference in speed between players at the top echelon, and FIFA articificially seemed to imply that there was.

I think what this game needs is a mechanism or at least an instruction that tells defenders to track the runs of attackers. So if your Ronaldos, Bales, Neymars etc start making a run with Fifa 16 coins, the defenders shouldn't stick to their line, one should track him until that player runs offside then they should drop back to formation.

Obviously if your 65 pace defender has a good few yards on the attacker, then it might seem like he keeps up. To be fair, in real life most defenders can usually keep up with attackers, they would lose in a foot race for sure, but that attacker has a ball to deal with which kills their pace a little every second or so.

I'm wary that some people may find some weird exploit and spread it everywhere.. but as of right now, it plays wonderfully. You have to be careful with the ball. You Dont have to crawl up field but you have to be smart and precise. This is football. Not that sprint/lob fest we've become accustomed to seeing.

pace is more relevant than in the demo but not as much as previous years, It is definitely harder to find space to abuse it but when you do get room it works as it has always.

Passing is also notably harder as it was in the demo and a more patient style may well be beneficial this year. Again this is from just one game as I spent my first hour mainly opening packs but I feel these are all teething problems that'll hopefully be unnoticeable when I'm more used to the game.

The passing in FIFA 16

24. září 2015 v 4:41
The passing in this game is just flat out unacceptable. Literally every game of FUT 16 I play is filled with misplaced passes leading to goals for me and my opponent. Even the addition of players with very high passing such as Fabregas, Iniesta, etc is preventing this from happening.

Concentrate on some of the basics of passing irl. Make sure your players shoulders are square to where they are passing. Keep the pace of a player who is about to play a pass under control, and finally, one touch passes should only be played when absolutely necessary to create a chance or get out of a tight spot.

You guys can't even accepted a different opinion on the game, anyones who doesn't like something in 16 your argument is that the person is bad at the game. What kind of argue is that?500k Fifa 16 coins? Learn to accept other people opinion and point of view,just because it might be different than youre's it doesn't mean it's wrong or unnaceptable.

Most of the people I see that are complaining about passing is just spamming the A button. If you do what japes said in his comment you will succeed in this game. Spamming the A button or attempting passes out of balance or with your back turned won't work this year.

Gone are the 40 yard back heel no look on the volley eyes closed passes. It might feel less fun while we get used to it but one of my major gripes in the past was the way fifa felt too arcadey. If the game is the same I'll try and approach it as a new game entirely rather than a continuation of 15 and build my playstyle up from the ground again.

Not sure what you're referring to, I haven't noticed any issues with misplaced passes. Are you playing with low-rated players or something? I'm not saying you're wrong, I just haven't had any problems myself. I have noticed that if you're trying to do a leading pass to a running teammate, it's much better to use the through ball button in many situations rather than a regular pass.

Passing in 16 has to be more thoughtful, you can't just ping it about and expect to walk into the opponents' box. You gotta either take a touch when the player receives the pass or have that player facing the next passing option, otherwise your pass can go wayward.

It is absolutely more realistic. I see how some people play online and it's madness, if you have ever played football in real life you would know that 16 has probably the most realistic passing mechanics of any FIFA so far.

"Assisted" passing and even "semi assisted" passing in game settings is a thing of the past now I believe. That's if you really don't want to rage because fifa passes to the guy way behind your intended guy even though you tapped the pass button. So annoying. I just switched to manual and I have to say so far it's way better. Yeah you cant spam pass and 90% it will go to your teammate. But this is good! My advice, try manual passing!

First Impressions Thread of FIFA 16

23. září 2015 v 4:50
I've only played a handful of matches but I'm finding it much harder to score goals in this FIFA. I'm not someone who used only speed players but I find the toned down speed makes it really hard to get shots away and beat defenders one on one from the wings especially. I can pass through midfield perfectly but I get to the edge of the box and my attack just stalls.
Other than just needing to find the best way to play this year's version I am really enjoying the game, EA seems to have done a really good job on it.

Played 3 FUT Drafts to start building up the bank - first thoughts on this are that I'd much rather play a FUT draft than open a 15k pack or 2 7.5k Fifa 16 coins. Yeah, the rewards can be hit and miss, but I didn't feel cheated - I got to play a tourney, try out players who I would have to save up to buy (and save up to buy players who link to them too), got to play my "ante" and have a chance to make a profit.

Regarding the game, it's still early days yet - but I get the feel that they made pace less OP, but without just nerfing it - if that makes any sense.

And you have a draft for each position. You choose from 5 random formations to have your team in. Then you pick your captain, which is usually your best player. After that you choose your captain and select each position one by one having 5 players to choose from in each, but you need to keep chemistry in mind when picking which players you want. After picking all the starters you move on to your bench and reserves.

If your chemistry in your starting 11 isn't up to par you can pick players here to fit in to positions that have better team chemistry. The subs and reserve picks have the same level of overall as players in the starting 11, it's just all random. Usually when I get to the subs and reserves I get a pick 5 option where the 5 players are as good as the captain option I had at the beginning. It's a very fun game mode where you can win a lot of Cheap FUT 16 Coins. You can play a total of 4 games, losing knocks you out of the tournament. The more wins you get the better the prize you get at the end.

Then you pick a captain from 5 to base your team around. From there you just do the same thing to fill in the rest of your squad . You then compete with it against other draft sides in a tournament and the further you progress the higher rewards you earn.

I'm just got to find the best way to use it now since FIFA 15 kind of made it so easy on the wings. I think this game is all about precision and timing which is going to take some getting used to.

I haven't had a change to do the FUT draft thing yet, I've only played about five games and was in Germany so didn't get a chance to do the trial until last night. Definitely plan on getting to it today though.

New Challenges in FIFA 16

22. září 2015 v 9:48
In the English Premier League in particular, it's hard to stay on top for back-to-back championships - as Chelsea is finding out this year, and Manchester City can attest to last season. How do you replicate that success and avoid a letdown? FIFA finds itself in the same situation, now with improved competition from Pro Evolution Soccer. FIFA 16's answer to this problem isn't in a game-changing new feature, but demanding that you do better.

Like playing against a side that parks the bus, FIFA 16 challenges you to orchestrate your attack and execute it with skill. Getting through the midfield is tougher than last year. Although the new driven pass is useful in putting some pace on the ball, it's risk/reward because while your pass can be zipped into tight spaces, your teammate may bobble it. Defenses are smart about surrounding teammates in good areas in the midfield, so you have to carefully (and quickly) assess when you have the chance to effectively use this driven pass. A.I. teams also do well by getting out of your high press better, passing out of the back effectively and switching sides.

On the flip side, playing defense also requires a disciplined mind. The A.I. speeds down the flanks, often kicking and running onto the ball to try and blow by your backs. I had to take better angles and carefully initiate tackles, even small ones, otherwise I'd be left standing. Thankfully, A.I. centerbacks often step up, challenge, and cut out passes. When it was crunch time around the edge of the box, my defenders would stick out a leg to deflect balls.

Whether on offense or defense, I had to recalibrate my approach to the gameplay, employing new defensive strategies to either avoid pulling myself out of position or to keep my forwards properly pressing defenders and not let them start an easy attack. But it is so satisfying when a disciplined approach leads to positive results. On offense, clear-cut through ball chances are fewer, and I learned to build up the play, win some one-on-ones with the new no-touch feint control (which feels good), and string together some insightful passes to create mismatches. Finishes are often satisfying, and the series continues to produce different kinds of goals and situations around the net.

As much as I feel my team's hard work paid off, I wish the gameplay did better in some areas. The recovery time for a missed tackle or wrong step is too long, the defensive-press command button to call in teammates is not nearly aggressive enough, and jostling can be a little slippery, with your player not really affecting the dribbler. However, jostling is improved from years past, when the command acts like a magnet. The physics also produce fewer weird body flops. Finally, there are some odd moments like when a shot dribbles off your foot or players have trouble detecting and picking up the ball.

The contributions of two of the more heralded additions - the career mode's training component and Ultimate Team's draft mode - are not clear-cut winners. The training is great because you progress your players in the areas of your choice through the season, and it's been a long time coming, but it becomes a drag because you can't automate which players you want to do what. Therefore, it becomes a chore to set up every week. Thankfully, if you don't use it, your players still progress.

I also think the new draft mode could be improved with less of a barrier to entry. The first try is free, but the next one costs 15,000 Fifa coins, which only comes quickly if you sell some good cards on the transfer market. Granted, even if you lose your first match you're going to get some nice FUT packs for your regular squad, but this is a missed opportunity to make FUT Draft easy to enter and keep playing repeatedly like Madden's Draft Champions. Nevertheless, I like FUT Draft's strategy component. It's nerve-wracking trying to get your chemistry right, and I've often had a bench player totally upend my planning, like when Messi came up late in the draft. But, that's the fun challenge of the mode.

I had a lot of fun playing with the women's national teams, but it's limited to a one-off tourney. Regardless, developer EA Canada's creation of new player models pays off in how the players feel and move on the pitch, which helps it feel unique.

FIFA 16 isn't going to blow you away with any single feature. Instead, it falls back on its strong gameplay to provide a fresh experience.

FIFA 16 Pro Clubs AI Defending

21. září 2015 v 4:27
I have a question that is really puzzling me that i'm hoping somebody may shed some light on for me.

I'm running an online pro club and we play without an ANY against other opponents without an ANY thanks to the filters. Now my issue here and I experienced this in FIFA 13 also, is that their AI defenders are always so much better than ours. They close down, they get stuck in, they double up effectively and well they are just able to soak up preasure really well. Ours are the exact opposite.'I've tried creating a custom tactic, I try containing at the appropriate times, i've moved the sliders back to defensive and ultra but nothing quite works.

We're in division 4 and although i'm not too bothered by it all at the end of the day, i'd just like to understand how to get an AI defence that matches that of our opponents so I can prepare accordingly for the competition.

Unless loads of people speak up ea are gonna do nothing. Don't want to sound like a complete noob but sometimes the only explanation can be hacking. It's bad when teams get the sour grapes and call you hackers when you win but when every other game your AI's fail you, it's too frustrating sometimes.

Try timing when you press RB rather than just holding it down or just randomly pressing it when they have possession. It sounds obvious but the amount of people i see doing with FUT16coin Mobille. Also when the AI players are about to header press the B button, it kind of makes them jump for it rather than just standing there like a *bleep*ing moron. I don't know if this helps at all but it made a difference for me when i play as captain.

FIFA 16: Test Your Skills

20. září 2015 v 4:52
When you score a goal which really tests your FIFA skills you feel like you've earned it. In FIFA 16 we are going to see a few changes which should allow for many magical moments in game and which hopefully take your experience to a new level - dribbling, crossing and clinical finishing play a part in scoring the crucial goal, these will all feel and look much different in the next edition of the series.

No touch dribbling - This new control system gives players full control over dribbling with the ball, whether your trying to get out of a defence situation or one on one with a centre back you have the freedom to not only decide how you touch the ball, Fifa 16 coins pc. Separation will be available that allows for space between the player and the ball to perform various skill moves, feint, and change direction, all without ever needing to contact the ball. This sounds great to me and should lead to see some quality attacking play and since they captured the footage using Messi, you'd expect something good. You'll have so much control over how you move with the ball and it should look very good in game.

Dynamic crossing - Although crossing has improved over the past few FIFA games and especially since we moved to next gen, dynamic crossing will enter FIFA 16 and you will control over the movement and positioning of both the crosser and the attacker receiving the ball. Those players attempting a cross will approach the ball differently with more realistic and rewarding animation movements. Meanwhile, players looking to receive will adjust and make different runs to better attack the ball. It looks like it could give you the edge out wide and will help you create the perfect goal - interested to see how this one plays out at launch.

Clinical finishing - FIFA finishing has got better and better over the past few years. Strike the ball right and finish like a pro. With Fifa 16 coins, players will feel the difference in each shot attempt and better understand why a particular shot has taken a specific trajectory. Miss a chance and you'll be able to adjust your approach next time you're in on goal. Newly defined orientation of the foot and ankle opens the door for greater variety in shot types and will result in more exciting goals. Nothing like scoring that worldy goal and the changes in 16 will make them moments just a little bit better hopefully.

Start running FIFA 16 Soon

19. září 2015 v 4:55
Every god damn year EA only caters to defensive playing styles. Incorporating 'park the bus' is the ultimate proof of this. Why on earth would you include a gameplay feature where players can outrun everybody if they are on full speed? Why make defensive movements so godawfull clunky and dribbling perfectly smooth??

The only players that fully benefit from these features are cheap counter players. Just park the bus and start running when you get the ball. You will only need to run past 1 or 2 defenders, which is child's play, and tap the shoot button for an easy goal.

What is the result of these gameplay mechanics? Everybody plays the same, boring, counter play they play every year. Counter play is for noobs who don't know how to use the controller and don't know how to keep possession. However, they made this style so effective that even good players will play this way. Resulting in spamming and boring tactics every, f*cking, game!

Ibarbo, Aguero, Doumbia, Costa, Ronaldo etc. Just have a lot of pace and strength and wait for the defenders AI to screw up. LB+Y or just Y between te players and score. While the other side is making way to much effort to find the open space between your other 10 defenders sitting in the box.

You know what makes this even worse?
- Switching sucks big time!. I play pressing football a lot, so my defenders are one on one a lot of the time. That isn't a big deal. I normally suspect what the opponent wants to do with FUT16coin Mobille. You know what screws it up? Me needing to tap the "switch button" 5 times before the correct defender is selected! And NO I also use manual switching and even then it doesn't select the right player until it is too late!

- Players with less space become sluggish!. So I am playing attacking football while my opponent has parked the bus so hard his whole team is in his own box. So I want to pass between those players into my attacker. It isn't hard to do my opponent was just not expecting it. But what happens then? My attacker will have the baddest touch ever, or my pass will go wide like 5 yards behind the attacker and my whole attack is screwed up! It takes forever to set that kind of attack up and then something stupid and sluggish happens.

So next up my opponent gets the ball. Just blindly shoots the ball away. The ball will perfectly land in the feet of Diego Costa who starts to sprint like crazy to my only defender still back. And yeah you know the rest. He totally outpaces me and can score that easy goal. I on the other hand totally frustrated lost all motivation and start to park the bus myself.

This is my story and how EA has ruined Fifa.

Player movements, switching, becoming more sluggish with less space, pace abuse, perfect distance passing. It is completely catered to counter play (NOOB PLAY). F this man.

FIFA 16: create your super team

18. září 2015 v 4:36
So I was thinking last night about how the Legends work in FIFA and if im honest i think they are very underwhelming , now by underwhelming i dont mean there abilities in the game i mean that you are capable of using them for, If a card is a Legend it should be a legendary card it should be capable of lots of different things.

I was thinking about how they could improve the legend system in the game and not only make them abit more fun to play with but also make the players alot more accessible to a wider group of Fifa 16 coins android , the idea came to me after i watched a live stream last weekend of someone playing Madden ultimate team (I had no idea what was going on) and explaining how some of the legends work on there, from what i could gather you could have 1 legend and he could come out of packs as a speed card, throw card etc etc.... why cant we have legends like that? also what got me thinking about this was how hard it can be to get legends into a team without using another legend card.

Take for example Patrick Vieira....
Imagine legends in FIFA 16 come out of packs with double club stats on them...they have the legend club and they have 1 of there career clubs (all of these are already displayed on there Legend profile). This would allow himt obe used in ALOT more teams more easily and make him alot more accessible for people with lower Fifa coins.

Arsenal- best selling due to links with legend and prem teams
Manchester city- Also sells very high die to links with Toure
Milan- High selling due to league links.
Juventus- Very high selling due to strong links with Pogba
Inter- would probably be about the same as Juventus
AS Cannes- NOW this is the card you would use if you just wanted to make a full legend squad...Would not be amazingly popular due to the fact the team would not exist in FUT so he would only really be used for Legend and France teams forcing his price to be alot lower than the other iterations of the card.

The interesting things about these cards is they could cause Legend cards to be alot more accessible due to the much higher card weight of legend pulls to people and its clear the system would not be hard to implement on a coding level because a very close version to it already exists in madden.

FIFA 16 - Maybe the best FIFA Game Ever

16. září 2015 v 5:12
I'd prefer actual gameplay improvements to all of this.
EA need to rework 90% of their AI and actually sit down and make it like a real game of football in terms of build up not win the ball back hold sprint and a long through ball to bigtallpaceystriker.

Players like Xavi, Xabi Alonso etc in the game are "rubbish" because "lol they only have 50 pace" when they actually dictate the pace of a football game in real life, the whole possession side to football is lost in FIFA, and defenders are just clumsy OAFs and needs rebalancing.

Somehow rage sliding all over the pitch to win the ball back needs fixing, why should someone like Koschielny fly into a challenge in the penalty box, and then someone like Arjen Robben jump over the challenge the ball awkwardly rolls past and he loses the ball because of Fifa 16 coins pc, in real life the player goes down for a penalty in that situation.

Sliding tackles need to be timed, that's a huge flaw in the game, then defenders need to actually track runs at times, they need to be more of a cohesive unit and put their arms out in game to say "ok you pick this player up" instead of a ball comes over the top, the game decides "ok player1 is controlling Thiago Silva now, but since we've switched you over he'll stop dead whilst Ibarbo runs through on goal now".

Another thing that annoys me, ever since the new "behaviours" and ball physics in the game, a lot of the referees calls just don't work, such as foul calls, the game doesn't understand what a foul is because of the new ball physics.

Thirdly why when I press B/Circle to get close to an attacker does he pull his shirt OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, then he goes down INSIDE OF THE BOX for a penalty? if the INITIAL contact is OUTSIDE then it is a free kick NOT a penalty.

TLDR, need Next Gen Goalkeepers 2.0, Possession Based Football, Patient defending not rage sliding that results in no punishment but players just jumping over the ball giving Fifa coins back, smart defenders who actually feel world class.

The system best protects of FIFA 16

15. září 2015 v 5:00
You are a little off. If you have played previous FUTs you know that 5Mil and 6Mil for Messi and Ronaldo are way too high. EA is only putting high min/max because there are so many coins on the market already.

Starting next year, I would be shocked if Ronaldo/Messi are over 1.5 Mil like all the other FUT versions where Messi went from 600k-900k.

also, you are not factoring in tournament rewards (which will probably be much higher in the future).

This system best protects against players that have nothing to do with playing the game and just look to make Fifa 16 coins xbox one. You can complain all you want that EA wants ppl to spend their money on EA store (rather than Coinsellers) but its their right. Its their game, why should anyone else profit from it.

Exactly right on premium player pricing. Fifa 13 Ronaldo was 1 to 1.5 million. Messi was ~1 million ( sometimes up and sometimes down). By the end of TOTS season in '13 I had about 3.5 mill and felt like a king. Now with that same money I can buy Robben, Ribery, and a solid team.

Ronaldo has never been affordable via match earnings. It could be argued that Ronaldo has barely ever been affordable (yes, even before TOTY) via good investments on the transfer market.

In the future if you are going to make a rant post regarding a recent change to FUT, do not cite the affordability of Ronaldo. Literally half of the text in your post was regarding the affordability of Ronaldo, as if it somehow correlated to this recent change.

Ever since the post-TOTY inflation, every user on this sub has been calling for change, some drastic, some minimal. EA is doing something. Let's all try to save our criticisms until we see the real time pros/cons of this update.

The Player Ratings of Arsenal in FIFA 16

14. září 2015 v 4:41
We start with Arsenal and next up is Aston Villa. I'm doing it A-Z.
Feel free to comment about why my ratings in your opinion are not correct and who you think Arsenal will sign over the summer, I will do a possible transfers squad when I do Aston Villa.

Please note the following: I'm not good at doing card stats
Don't mention my crappy paint skills too much

Yes, I did forget Flamini and I know Wellington Silva still has his Almeria badge on in the updated picture.

I'll be doing one of these every 2 or 3 days depending on my amount of free time.

I would argue against giving mert an 83 rating still. He isn't quite as good as kosc with his 83 rating. also giroud should be 83 rated. averaging nearly a goal every 90 minutes with plenty of Fifa 16 coins ios to boot there's only a few players better than him in the prem. In fifa 15 if his rating was 81 he'd still be rated lower than Falcao, van persie, dzeko, and balotelli and on par with drogba, soldado, and bony. He is clearly had a better season than all of theses players and deserves to be rated higher. He isn't quite as good as sturridge, rooney, costa, and aguero, but he should definitely be leading that second tier.

Coming from a Norwich fan I thought I had, might consider doing a Fan's FIFA 16 Team instead of a transferred one because there's a lot of discussion about the ratings when I post the Aston Villa one. (Aston Villa + Arsenal /r/FIFA team)

Ox I understand but he's only 78 rated and he's played decent and has played a number of games.

Mertesacker and Wilshere fine I understand those.
Ozil not sure if he's done well enough to get a upgrade, he is 86 after all, Welbeck definitely deserves an upgrade he's had 3 special cards this year, come on.

Sanogo I understand and Campbell I was just doing that by stats as I don't watch La Liga apart from Barca. fut16coin think I should have been more harsh on downgrades especially Flamini.

Giroud: Consistent as in over the whole season whether he was down the pecking order at the start of the season or injured it still counts Fifa coins towards how good he was during the season.

IMO: Sanchez-Cazorla-Ozil are on the same level.
Welbeck: I haven't but he has played well both on the wing and up front especially during the first part of the season and 78 is too low for a player of his quality.

FIFA 16 atmosphere Discuss

12. září 2015 v 4:48
Momentum without doubt still exists (it does in Pro Evo too by the way, it's called the heart system there).

Ever notice the shift in a game when one team gets a lucky goal and suddenly the crowd cheers louder, the players seem that much faster and better at pressing, etc?

Happens in real life too. For recent examples, see Ireland v Poland, where Ireland were poor and moving the ball slowly until Brady's deflected cross hit the post- the crowd roared, the atmosphere went up a few notches and the players responded to the encouragement. They pressed Poland back and eventually got an injury time equaliser. On the other hand, half time can kill momentum (like it does in FIFA). See the Liverpool v United match.

United had been utterly dominant in the first half hour until Lallana got a really good chance. He missed it, but it was enough to spark the Anfield crowd into life and the intensity of the match went to buy Fifa 16 coins. Tackles were flying in, Liverpool were pressing and it looked like an equaliser might be on the way. Half time and the subsequent Gerrard red card altered the game again however, and United went on to win.

But on FIFA your players start playing bad and then the other team starts playing great. I've never seen a match in wich a team literally from nowere starts doing like shit.

Wait. Do you actually believe that in the game your players start doing bad because your opponent is doing better with enough Fifa 16 coins android. fut16coin thinks its the other way round. The opponent does great because your players perform badly.

They are aplying a real life hipothetic situation (in wich no one knows what would happen IF) and scripting it ( yes, because momentum is a script) to a video game as if it was certain that that thing WILL happen on that situation.

FIFA 16: passing a ball

11. září 2015 v 5:08
Possession is risky as your players can frustratingly lose the ball through no fault of your own, screwing up all your patient work and resulting in a three on three counter attack. Like, I'll be probing around the box for a while having had the ball for a few minutes, I'll pass the ball to Busquets outside the box, his touch is fine but there's no immediate pass on. I choose to hold on to the ball for a moment or two but his complete inability to shield the ball when standing still means fucking Di Maria steamrolls him and counters.

Seriously in real life a player standing still with the ball can shield fairly comfortably by getting his body in between the ball and the tackler and buy himself a few seconds for a passing lane to open. In contrast a player running full speed in a straight line is usually in far less control and is far more susceptible to losing possession if a defender orientates himself properly to make a tackle. The game has it the other way round and it's ridiculous. Fast players are so difficult to dispossess whilst a player stood still is tackled with ease, it fucking ruins the game

the joys of playing possession football. I've actually had fun coming up with ways of combating things like that.
To me, playing possession football is the only way I can enjoy the game. If I lost playing high pressure, fast players, OP LB Y's, etc I would be absolutely fuming and I can fully understand why people rage quit when playing like that, you do it to win. If you don't win you look like an absolutely bellend.
Whereas if I lost playing how I like to play which is possession then it really doesn't matter to me, I just shrug my shoulders and move on to the next game. I enjoyed myself and at the end of the day you get cheap Fifa 16 coins regardless of if you win or lose.

Going back to what OP said, players don't lose much stamina and pace even if your attacks constantly doing 50~80m counter run for the entire game. If the opponent has been chasing and countering all game, they should be spent by the end

Tearing apart opponents with good passing is very rewarding, but spamming dribble or lobbed ball is so much easier considering how attackers can bulldoze and friendly roll through good tackles on regular basis.

It also doesn't help that AI defending is so retarded either. Whenever i lose posession it seems like the opponents attackers are rushing towards my goal while my defenders move up and approach the attacker before they turn back. By the time i have control over my defenders, their momentum is carrying them forward and any fast paced attacker can easily blow past them at that point.

I also think lag plays a big factor too. Possession requires a lot of precise control and you won't get that when it's lagging. On the other hand lobbed ball and spamming dribble don't require much nuance and you have to be very precise with your defensive positioning to stop them.

FIFA 16: the Women's National Teams

10. září 2015 v 5:27
Not all of them are total shit, although you just described most of the team. I'm bored and I play too much career mode so I'm gonna tell you about some of their better players. TL:DR If you ever play a career mode in League 1 or League 2 then sign these guys. They're all free and can be very good players at that level.

Sunil Chhetri is the best player in the team. He's their captain and is actually quite good if you're a League 1/League 2 team looking for a good, cheap Fifa 16 coins starter or you're a Championship team looking for a free backup. He's like a bargain bin Michael Owen. IRL he used to play for Sporting Lisbon but never made it into the first team before going back to India.

If I recall correctly Jeje Lalpekhlua (another one of India's strikers) has a decent amount of potential on FIFA 14 (again, if you're playing as a lower league team).

I've signed Subrata Pal as a free agent on FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 and he was a very dependable starter in League 1 on my Leyton Orient CM and a reliable backup in the Prem on my Crystal Palace CM (he spent 1/2 a season as my starter after Speroni's form took a nosedive). He's one of those players whose overall just doesn't reflect how they play in game. (Not so fun fact: IRL he killed an opposing striker called Cristiano Junior by colliding into him during a game. This got him suspended for 9 months.)

Lalrindika Ralte is another great player for Lower League teams. He's a good dribbler, has a decently powerful shot, is lightning quick, and has potential to grow. His sofifa potential is a 64 but I've seen him get into the 70s with regular first team football.

Robin Singh is the opposite of what you described. He's slow but he's strong and has potential. He is a target man who is well suited to Lower League football. He can also develop into an absolute beast on FIFA 13 if anyone still plays that. He got a potential and overall upgrade from EA recently so I'd imagine he's doing well in real life.

Jackichand Singh looks ok but I've never actually signed him so I wouldn't know. Other Fifa 16 news, the team is shite. At least some of them are good for the lower leagues in career mode.

FIFA 16 feature wishlist

9. září 2015 v 5:12
I was getting so frustrated today while defending. I'd go for a standing tackle, but FIFA decided that my player somehow had possession and so I slam a shot that barely makes it to the opponent's box.

I'd also like the game to have a better understanding of what possession is, and not have the players I'm controlling just let go of the ball because an opponent looks like he might think about tackling me off of it.

More custom tactics, more realistic start to the game for example the commentators could give a quick intro on the teams form, also after the game it would be cool if your team won the game and they would celebrate with their fans, you know like singing chants with the fans etc.

How about the ability to challenge anyone on FUT? I want a rematch, not a new friend.

Bring back trading players/items
Improve online connectivity and matchmaking so I don't get matched up with a +9 rated opponent. How about based on win/loss ratio? Introduce ELO...
More tournaments/challenges

FIX THE F*CKING PACK DROPS. I understand it's an effective business to simply rob the addicted of their paychecks but reward them more, they've certainly earned it.

Position freedom (let me change muller to a CM, or lichtsteiner to an RB/LB without having to get the IF)

Bring back the save custom tactic feature, add custom formations
Customize badges (like in COD), uniforms, balls, stadiums
Change club name for a fee whenever

GK should be amazingly hard to overcome without some clever passing and shooting. Goals should not be conceeded from 40+ yards and with a non-responsive GK who let the ball zip by his left ear. REALISTICALLY, GKs will stop anything that isn't from within the box and in plain view (so walls of players blocking GK's view could help slip one in)
More skill moves

More responsive defending AI (no kickoff crap)
Better possession statuses (I am trying to steal the ball and in a millisecond of "possession" I manage to throw away the ball)

Nerf OTTTBs and make expensive players actually worth. Also make passing faster paced and not have it randomly pass to the wrong player with Cheap FUT 16 Coins. Also have CB an wing backs track runs instea of standing still. And while were at fix the fucking reffing so it makes sense. Get some official refs in and ask them what they would call in a shown situation and then have them do that. The fact the i can get slid from behind while about to shoot in a 1v1 with the goalie and they only get a yellow is unacceptable. Also make it so players can just immediately catch up when a player like depay goes past them. Oh and get rid of park the bus or make it less effective cause fuck that

What will be your first team in FIFA 16

8. září 2015 v 5:09
For me they need to start implementing a lot of individual training regimes that you can set your players on like specifically targeting making their finishing better which would cause other things like passing to go up a lot slower whilst you were targeting finishing for example.

you could however if you wanted to, just leave them on a general training regime which should slowly make them better at a number of things.
The thing I want cheap Fifa 16 coins from manager mode is for them to let you have a youth/ B team which has an actual separate league and it's own fixtures where you can monitor the progress of your youth/ fringe players and choose when to bring them into the first team.

It's really annoying if you play as Real or Barca and you have to pay for your own players from the B team. It all seems to come down to the fact that EA don't give a shit about Manager mode anymore because it's not their cash cow - FUT is.

I dont mind not having online manager mode. I do agree that it needs more attention, right now ive been playing it non stop and transfer windows get me all worked up cause its fun finding players and signing their Fifa 16 coins ios. But i have made so many transactions that i have so much cash and a really good team, would love the whole facilities to upgrade and train my recently promoted youth players. Ive gotten some pretty awesome youth players.

Some things that needs adressing. The ridiculous lack of transfers that the AI teams make. After 5 seasons you'd excpect that most teams has changed a majority of their starting 11.

The fact that it's so easy to sign players on pre-contracts. You can sign 10 80+ players every transfer window on pre-contracts if you wanted to and that's just not something that happens in reality.

The fact that you can't resign from your club and the fact that no other club will hire you if you aren't currently matching you objectives. Also if you move to a club after the last game of the season you can get sacked if you are not matching the objectives even though that's none of your doing.

Lastly casual players that are only gonna play a season or two of their career are not gonna bother getting in to scouting so just give them an option to turn of the GTN and let them see overalls on all players.

FIFA 16: experiencing and misconstruing

7. září 2015 v 5:17
Just like you could come up with many explanations for what you are experiencing and misconstruing as a "handicap". Don't forget I used to defend this position. And to an extent sometimes I find myself thinking it's there. But then logic takes over.

The evidence for handicap from different people who describe it is often self contradicting. People will say "it helps to have a low rated player" others will say "it helps to have a high rated player" etc etc.

Think about it this way. What is more likely. EA actually implemented a system like this and found a way to keep their 100s of employees in check somehow (not leaking this valuable information). Not to mention somehow testing different combinations to find which handicap produces the best pack purchases. Because you may very well create less demand for better cards by leveling out the competition.

They would have to do some intensive testing. Which again requires more employees which again is more people they would have to somehow silence. OR In reality what you perceive as "handicap" is simply parts of code that you don't understand. There is tons of behavior for the AI that we simply don't get. Because we didn't program it. It works well with your examination. Think about it.

Let's set positions as not flexible and have someone score goals against the other team (preferably not own goals) and have the winning team try passes where the defender seems to lack brain cells, over and over. Then, in a different game, we make that winning team become a losing team and try the same goals.

Some players are very good and have analyzed the scripting themselves. Ive made a comment about this before - you can typically 'feel' and visually see when scripting is going against your FUT16coin Mobille. The same 10 passes youve just made from Ivanovich to Willian suddenly become massively innacurate, overpowered or underpowered, Willian may become unresponsive and literally stand still waiting for the ball to get to him instead of taking a few steps to it like he might previously.

A defender like Pepe or Cahil being shirt pulled, dragged back and physically bullied off the ball by a player like Lalana, where as usually he would flick him off like an insect. A player like Hazard who has 85+ ball control recieving a pass less than 20 yards directly to his feet which he then thumbles and leads to a disposession..I could go on but I bet youre already reading this list thinking 'shit this guy is right'

Players, like myself (no ego intended) can see this happening and typically what I do personally is switch to a very defensive style of play until the scripting period relents and then I can continue playing regular football.

FIFA 16 Should Address the Offline and Online AI

5. září 2015 v 4:53
I think a problem that has plagued EA's games in the majority of their titles is their lack of effort on their AI. It's a problem that is prevalent online as centre backs wander aimlessly around the pitch, but it is really bad offline. It seems every year rather than implement an improved AI with varying difficulties EA just puts attribute bonuses at each difficulty level.

According to the announcements they've done quite a bit of work on teammate and opponent AI. Is it any better? Who knows until we play it.
But come on you can't expect a game against the AI to be anything similar to playing a very skilled human player.

So short of giving the AI human like intelligence how do you suggest they ramp up the difficulty? If the AI players performed just like ours and had no advantages we would win every game 15-0 because we can think and the AI can't.

By the way I'm not saying playing the AI is fun, it sucks and I hate it. Just like it does in every other sports game. Some games like driving games etc you can have a reasonable AI. In sports games not so much

I don't know that's probably why I don't work for EA, I been playing for 6 months and I tried against legendary for the first time on the special tournament EA had a while back and I beat them no Fifa 16 coins pc, I decided to try it again on div 1 offline and I can never win more than 1-0 or 2-1, they never run out of stamina, they win every header offensive or defensive, And to top it off the ref always favors them. There has to be a way for the AI to be smarter not every player be on steroids.

While I don't expect the AI to perform like that, there's no way the AI should be able to catch and dispossesses your fastest forward with Mertasacker or Terry, or that all their passes connect while yours do not even if you aim correctly.