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12. září 2015 v 4:48
Momentum without doubt still exists (it does in Pro Evo too by the way, it's called the heart system there).

Ever notice the shift in a game when one team gets a lucky goal and suddenly the crowd cheers louder, the players seem that much faster and better at pressing, etc?

Happens in real life too. For recent examples, see Ireland v Poland, where Ireland were poor and moving the ball slowly until Brady's deflected cross hit the post- the crowd roared, the atmosphere went up a few notches and the players responded to the encouragement. They pressed Poland back and eventually got an injury time equaliser. On the other hand, half time can kill momentum (like it does in FIFA). See the Liverpool v United match.

United had been utterly dominant in the first half hour until Lallana got a really good chance. He missed it, but it was enough to spark the Anfield crowd into life and the intensity of the match went to buy Fifa 16 coins. Tackles were flying in, Liverpool were pressing and it looked like an equaliser might be on the way. Half time and the subsequent Gerrard red card altered the game again however, and United went on to win.

But on FIFA your players start playing bad and then the other team starts playing great. I've never seen a match in wich a team literally from nowere starts doing like shit.

Wait. Do you actually believe that in the game your players start doing bad because your opponent is doing better with enough Fifa 16 coins android. fut16coin thinks its the other way round. The opponent does great because your players perform badly.

They are aplying a real life hipothetic situation (in wich no one knows what would happen IF) and scripting it ( yes, because momentum is a script) to a video game as if it was certain that that thing WILL happen on that situation.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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