FIFA 16: experiencing and misconstruing

7. září 2015 v 5:17
Just like you could come up with many explanations for what you are experiencing and misconstruing as a "handicap". Don't forget I used to defend this position. And to an extent sometimes I find myself thinking it's there. But then logic takes over.

The evidence for handicap from different people who describe it is often self contradicting. People will say "it helps to have a low rated player" others will say "it helps to have a high rated player" etc etc.

Think about it this way. What is more likely. EA actually implemented a system like this and found a way to keep their 100s of employees in check somehow (not leaking this valuable information). Not to mention somehow testing different combinations to find which handicap produces the best pack purchases. Because you may very well create less demand for better cards by leveling out the competition.

They would have to do some intensive testing. Which again requires more employees which again is more people they would have to somehow silence. OR In reality what you perceive as "handicap" is simply parts of code that you don't understand. There is tons of behavior for the AI that we simply don't get. Because we didn't program it. It works well with your examination. Think about it.

Let's set positions as not flexible and have someone score goals against the other team (preferably not own goals) and have the winning team try passes where the defender seems to lack brain cells, over and over. Then, in a different game, we make that winning team become a losing team and try the same goals.

Some players are very good and have analyzed the scripting themselves. Ive made a comment about this before - you can typically 'feel' and visually see when scripting is going against your FUT16coin Mobille. The same 10 passes youve just made from Ivanovich to Willian suddenly become massively innacurate, overpowered or underpowered, Willian may become unresponsive and literally stand still waiting for the ball to get to him instead of taking a few steps to it like he might previously.

A defender like Pepe or Cahil being shirt pulled, dragged back and physically bullied off the ball by a player like Lalana, where as usually he would flick him off like an insect. A player like Hazard who has 85+ ball control recieving a pass less than 20 yards directly to his feet which he then thumbles and leads to a disposession..I could go on but I bet youre already reading this list thinking 'shit this guy is right'

Players, like myself (no ego intended) can see this happening and typically what I do personally is switch to a very defensive style of play until the scripting period relents and then I can continue playing regular football.

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