FIFA 16 - Maybe the best FIFA Game Ever

16. září 2015 v 5:12
I'd prefer actual gameplay improvements to all of this.
EA need to rework 90% of their AI and actually sit down and make it like a real game of football in terms of build up not win the ball back hold sprint and a long through ball to bigtallpaceystriker.

Players like Xavi, Xabi Alonso etc in the game are "rubbish" because "lol they only have 50 pace" when they actually dictate the pace of a football game in real life, the whole possession side to football is lost in FIFA, and defenders are just clumsy OAFs and needs rebalancing.

Somehow rage sliding all over the pitch to win the ball back needs fixing, why should someone like Koschielny fly into a challenge in the penalty box, and then someone like Arjen Robben jump over the challenge the ball awkwardly rolls past and he loses the ball because of Fifa 16 coins pc, in real life the player goes down for a penalty in that situation.

Sliding tackles need to be timed, that's a huge flaw in the game, then defenders need to actually track runs at times, they need to be more of a cohesive unit and put their arms out in game to say "ok you pick this player up" instead of a ball comes over the top, the game decides "ok player1 is controlling Thiago Silva now, but since we've switched you over he'll stop dead whilst Ibarbo runs through on goal now".

Another thing that annoys me, ever since the new "behaviours" and ball physics in the game, a lot of the referees calls just don't work, such as foul calls, the game doesn't understand what a foul is because of the new ball physics.

Thirdly why when I press B/Circle to get close to an attacker does he pull his shirt OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, then he goes down INSIDE OF THE BOX for a penalty? if the INITIAL contact is OUTSIDE then it is a free kick NOT a penalty.

TLDR, need Next Gen Goalkeepers 2.0, Possession Based Football, Patient defending not rage sliding that results in no punishment but players just jumping over the ball giving Fifa coins back, smart defenders who actually feel world class.

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