FIFA 16: passing a ball

11. září 2015 v 5:08
Possession is risky as your players can frustratingly lose the ball through no fault of your own, screwing up all your patient work and resulting in a three on three counter attack. Like, I'll be probing around the box for a while having had the ball for a few minutes, I'll pass the ball to Busquets outside the box, his touch is fine but there's no immediate pass on. I choose to hold on to the ball for a moment or two but his complete inability to shield the ball when standing still means fucking Di Maria steamrolls him and counters.

Seriously in real life a player standing still with the ball can shield fairly comfortably by getting his body in between the ball and the tackler and buy himself a few seconds for a passing lane to open. In contrast a player running full speed in a straight line is usually in far less control and is far more susceptible to losing possession if a defender orientates himself properly to make a tackle. The game has it the other way round and it's ridiculous. Fast players are so difficult to dispossess whilst a player stood still is tackled with ease, it fucking ruins the game

the joys of playing possession football. I've actually had fun coming up with ways of combating things like that.
To me, playing possession football is the only way I can enjoy the game. If I lost playing high pressure, fast players, OP LB Y's, etc I would be absolutely fuming and I can fully understand why people rage quit when playing like that, you do it to win. If you don't win you look like an absolutely bellend.
Whereas if I lost playing how I like to play which is possession then it really doesn't matter to me, I just shrug my shoulders and move on to the next game. I enjoyed myself and at the end of the day you get cheap Fifa 16 coins regardless of if you win or lose.

Going back to what OP said, players don't lose much stamina and pace even if your attacks constantly doing 50~80m counter run for the entire game. If the opponent has been chasing and countering all game, they should be spent by the end

Tearing apart opponents with good passing is very rewarding, but spamming dribble or lobbed ball is so much easier considering how attackers can bulldoze and friendly roll through good tackles on regular basis.

It also doesn't help that AI defending is so retarded either. Whenever i lose posession it seems like the opponents attackers are rushing towards my goal while my defenders move up and approach the attacker before they turn back. By the time i have control over my defenders, their momentum is carrying them forward and any fast paced attacker can easily blow past them at that point.

I also think lag plays a big factor too. Possession requires a lot of precise control and you won't get that when it's lagging. On the other hand lobbed ball and spamming dribble don't require much nuance and you have to be very precise with your defensive positioning to stop them.

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