FIFA 16 Pro Clubs AI Defending

21. září 2015 v 4:27
I have a question that is really puzzling me that i'm hoping somebody may shed some light on for me.

I'm running an online pro club and we play without an ANY against other opponents without an ANY thanks to the filters. Now my issue here and I experienced this in FIFA 13 also, is that their AI defenders are always so much better than ours. They close down, they get stuck in, they double up effectively and well they are just able to soak up preasure really well. Ours are the exact opposite.'I've tried creating a custom tactic, I try containing at the appropriate times, i've moved the sliders back to defensive and ultra but nothing quite works.

We're in division 4 and although i'm not too bothered by it all at the end of the day, i'd just like to understand how to get an AI defence that matches that of our opponents so I can prepare accordingly for the competition.

Unless loads of people speak up ea are gonna do nothing. Don't want to sound like a complete noob but sometimes the only explanation can be hacking. It's bad when teams get the sour grapes and call you hackers when you win but when every other game your AI's fail you, it's too frustrating sometimes.

Try timing when you press RB rather than just holding it down or just randomly pressing it when they have possession. It sounds obvious but the amount of people i see doing with FUT16coin Mobille. Also when the AI players are about to header press the B button, it kind of makes them jump for it rather than just standing there like a *bleep*ing moron. I don't know if this helps at all but it made a difference for me when i play as captain.

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