FIFA 16: Test Your Skills

20. září 2015 v 4:52
When you score a goal which really tests your FIFA skills you feel like you've earned it. In FIFA 16 we are going to see a few changes which should allow for many magical moments in game and which hopefully take your experience to a new level - dribbling, crossing and clinical finishing play a part in scoring the crucial goal, these will all feel and look much different in the next edition of the series.

No touch dribbling - This new control system gives players full control over dribbling with the ball, whether your trying to get out of a defence situation or one on one with a centre back you have the freedom to not only decide how you touch the ball, Fifa 16 coins pc. Separation will be available that allows for space between the player and the ball to perform various skill moves, feint, and change direction, all without ever needing to contact the ball. This sounds great to me and should lead to see some quality attacking play and since they captured the footage using Messi, you'd expect something good. You'll have so much control over how you move with the ball and it should look very good in game.

Dynamic crossing - Although crossing has improved over the past few FIFA games and especially since we moved to next gen, dynamic crossing will enter FIFA 16 and you will control over the movement and positioning of both the crosser and the attacker receiving the ball. Those players attempting a cross will approach the ball differently with more realistic and rewarding animation movements. Meanwhile, players looking to receive will adjust and make different runs to better attack the ball. It looks like it could give you the edge out wide and will help you create the perfect goal - interested to see how this one plays out at launch.

Clinical finishing - FIFA finishing has got better and better over the past few years. Strike the ball right and finish like a pro. With Fifa 16 coins, players will feel the difference in each shot attempt and better understand why a particular shot has taken a specific trajectory. Miss a chance and you'll be able to adjust your approach next time you're in on goal. Newly defined orientation of the foot and ankle opens the door for greater variety in shot types and will result in more exciting goals. Nothing like scoring that worldy goal and the changes in 16 will make them moments just a little bit better hopefully.

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