FIFA 16: the Women's National Teams

10. září 2015 v 5:27
Not all of them are total shit, although you just described most of the team. I'm bored and I play too much career mode so I'm gonna tell you about some of their better players. TL:DR If you ever play a career mode in League 1 or League 2 then sign these guys. They're all free and can be very good players at that level.

Sunil Chhetri is the best player in the team. He's their captain and is actually quite good if you're a League 1/League 2 team looking for a good, cheap Fifa 16 coins starter or you're a Championship team looking for a free backup. He's like a bargain bin Michael Owen. IRL he used to play for Sporting Lisbon but never made it into the first team before going back to India.

If I recall correctly Jeje Lalpekhlua (another one of India's strikers) has a decent amount of potential on FIFA 14 (again, if you're playing as a lower league team).

I've signed Subrata Pal as a free agent on FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 and he was a very dependable starter in League 1 on my Leyton Orient CM and a reliable backup in the Prem on my Crystal Palace CM (he spent 1/2 a season as my starter after Speroni's form took a nosedive). He's one of those players whose overall just doesn't reflect how they play in game. (Not so fun fact: IRL he killed an opposing striker called Cristiano Junior by colliding into him during a game. This got him suspended for 9 months.)

Lalrindika Ralte is another great player for Lower League teams. He's a good dribbler, has a decently powerful shot, is lightning quick, and has potential to grow. His sofifa potential is a 64 but I've seen him get into the 70s with regular first team football.

Robin Singh is the opposite of what you described. He's slow but he's strong and has potential. He is a target man who is well suited to Lower League football. He can also develop into an absolute beast on FIFA 13 if anyone still plays that. He got a potential and overall upgrade from EA recently so I'd imagine he's doing well in real life.

Jackichand Singh looks ok but I've never actually signed him so I wouldn't know. Other Fifa 16 news, the team is shite. At least some of them are good for the lower leagues in career mode.

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