First Impressions Thread of FIFA 16

23. září 2015 v 4:50
I've only played a handful of matches but I'm finding it much harder to score goals in this FIFA. I'm not someone who used only speed players but I find the toned down speed makes it really hard to get shots away and beat defenders one on one from the wings especially. I can pass through midfield perfectly but I get to the edge of the box and my attack just stalls.
Other than just needing to find the best way to play this year's version I am really enjoying the game, EA seems to have done a really good job on it.

Played 3 FUT Drafts to start building up the bank - first thoughts on this are that I'd much rather play a FUT draft than open a 15k pack or 2 7.5k Fifa 16 coins. Yeah, the rewards can be hit and miss, but I didn't feel cheated - I got to play a tourney, try out players who I would have to save up to buy (and save up to buy players who link to them too), got to play my "ante" and have a chance to make a profit.

Regarding the game, it's still early days yet - but I get the feel that they made pace less OP, but without just nerfing it - if that makes any sense.

And you have a draft for each position. You choose from 5 random formations to have your team in. Then you pick your captain, which is usually your best player. After that you choose your captain and select each position one by one having 5 players to choose from in each, but you need to keep chemistry in mind when picking which players you want. After picking all the starters you move on to your bench and reserves.

If your chemistry in your starting 11 isn't up to par you can pick players here to fit in to positions that have better team chemistry. The subs and reserve picks have the same level of overall as players in the starting 11, it's just all random. Usually when I get to the subs and reserves I get a pick 5 option where the 5 players are as good as the captain option I had at the beginning. It's a very fun game mode where you can win a lot of Cheap FUT 16 Coins. You can play a total of 4 games, losing knocks you out of the tournament. The more wins you get the better the prize you get at the end.

Then you pick a captain from 5 to base your team around. From there you just do the same thing to fill in the rest of your squad . You then compete with it against other draft sides in a tournament and the further you progress the higher rewards you earn.

I'm just got to find the best way to use it now since FIFA 15 kind of made it so easy on the wings. I think this game is all about precision and timing which is going to take some getting used to.

I haven't had a change to do the FUT draft thing yet, I've only played about five games and was in Germany so didn't get a chance to do the trial until last night. Definitely plan on getting to it today though.

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