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19. září 2015 v 4:55
Every god damn year EA only caters to defensive playing styles. Incorporating 'park the bus' is the ultimate proof of this. Why on earth would you include a gameplay feature where players can outrun everybody if they are on full speed? Why make defensive movements so godawfull clunky and dribbling perfectly smooth??

The only players that fully benefit from these features are cheap counter players. Just park the bus and start running when you get the ball. You will only need to run past 1 or 2 defenders, which is child's play, and tap the shoot button for an easy goal.

What is the result of these gameplay mechanics? Everybody plays the same, boring, counter play they play every year. Counter play is for noobs who don't know how to use the controller and don't know how to keep possession. However, they made this style so effective that even good players will play this way. Resulting in spamming and boring tactics every, f*cking, game!

Ibarbo, Aguero, Doumbia, Costa, Ronaldo etc. Just have a lot of pace and strength and wait for the defenders AI to screw up. LB+Y or just Y between te players and score. While the other side is making way to much effort to find the open space between your other 10 defenders sitting in the box.

You know what makes this even worse?
- Switching sucks big time!. I play pressing football a lot, so my defenders are one on one a lot of the time. That isn't a big deal. I normally suspect what the opponent wants to do with FUT16coin Mobille. You know what screws it up? Me needing to tap the "switch button" 5 times before the correct defender is selected! And NO I also use manual switching and even then it doesn't select the right player until it is too late!

- Players with less space become sluggish!. So I am playing attacking football while my opponent has parked the bus so hard his whole team is in his own box. So I want to pass between those players into my attacker. It isn't hard to do my opponent was just not expecting it. But what happens then? My attacker will have the baddest touch ever, or my pass will go wide like 5 yards behind the attacker and my whole attack is screwed up! It takes forever to set that kind of attack up and then something stupid and sluggish happens.

So next up my opponent gets the ball. Just blindly shoots the ball away. The ball will perfectly land in the feet of Diego Costa who starts to sprint like crazy to my only defender still back. And yeah you know the rest. He totally outpaces me and can score that easy goal. I on the other hand totally frustrated lost all motivation and start to park the bus myself.

This is my story and how EA has ruined Fifa.

Player movements, switching, becoming more sluggish with less space, pace abuse, perfect distance passing. It is completely catered to counter play (NOOB PLAY). F this man.

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