The system best protects of FIFA 16

15. září 2015 v 5:00
You are a little off. If you have played previous FUTs you know that 5Mil and 6Mil for Messi and Ronaldo are way too high. EA is only putting high min/max because there are so many coins on the market already.

Starting next year, I would be shocked if Ronaldo/Messi are over 1.5 Mil like all the other FUT versions where Messi went from 600k-900k.

also, you are not factoring in tournament rewards (which will probably be much higher in the future).

This system best protects against players that have nothing to do with playing the game and just look to make Fifa 16 coins xbox one. You can complain all you want that EA wants ppl to spend their money on EA store (rather than Coinsellers) but its their right. Its their game, why should anyone else profit from it.

Exactly right on premium player pricing. Fifa 13 Ronaldo was 1 to 1.5 million. Messi was ~1 million ( sometimes up and sometimes down). By the end of TOTS season in '13 I had about 3.5 mill and felt like a king. Now with that same money I can buy Robben, Ribery, and a solid team.

Ronaldo has never been affordable via match earnings. It could be argued that Ronaldo has barely ever been affordable (yes, even before TOTY) via good investments on the transfer market.

In the future if you are going to make a rant post regarding a recent change to FUT, do not cite the affordability of Ronaldo. Literally half of the text in your post was regarding the affordability of Ronaldo, as if it somehow correlated to this recent change.

Ever since the post-TOTY inflation, every user on this sub has been calling for change, some drastic, some minimal. EA is doing something. Let's all try to save our criticisms until we see the real time pros/cons of this update.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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