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FIFA 16: change your tactics

31. října 2015 v 6:55
I play on legendary and the only thing fut16coin didn't like was the playstyle that indeed doesn't chage from team to team, apart from that, I just try new things every time to adapt, change your tactics during the game if it's not working out for you . Won 6-1 with United against Borussia Dortmund yesterday, then tried out Atlético de Madrid against Liverpool and had to restart the match 4 times at the 89 min mark because I just couldn't win.

Possession is not a problem for me personally, sometimes it's low (40% is the lowest I had so far) but whatever, I can still create chances, tactics play a bigger hole in this game than some people may think.

I was so pissed when I saw this in the game. Like seriously I thought teams would have personalities now. Like in 2k16 the teams will play differently and play to their strengths. LIke the Warriors will try to get shooters open, the Grizzlies will be super defensive and so on. EA should of made Barca a passing team, Juve a defensive team, Madrid a counter attack team and so on. Was hoping EA would do the same but nope. 2 star teams are making inch perfect passes like Barcelona and finishing like Ronaldo.

You have to change your defensive tactics. The shit we got away with in 15 won't work here. I tried it in the demo and I would just tire my guys out. The theme of this year is passing and possession. You can't just run into the player and have them tackle for you or perform a standing tackle and it work.
So I switched (don't know where in the settings) from legacy defending to tactical defending, I pretty much got the hang of it. And this way of defending is so much better. I don't think I'll ever go back. Let the cpu controlled teammates go defending on the ball and cover the passing lanes. You'll get the opponent to lob or play risky passes. It's the only way to get by.

Granted my experience so far is just on Amateur for the FUT games, but I still get out possession(ed) 40-60. That's fine, my goals come from

I've played the starter tourney and it's on amateur with 60-something teams and to get fifa ultimate team coins. I think EA gathered that one of the basic premises of possession play is if you are in danger, pass the ball away to a teammate. That every team should understand that and not blindly run/pass into danger.

That's the best guess I have. But I see your point. If I have an 80+ team against a ~60 team, based on talent, skills, defensive ability, and pace, I should overpower that team 10 out of 10 times.counterattacks.

Who is your favorite players in FIFA 16

30. října 2015 v 6:50
This is a shame in this year's FIFA, because 'true' CDMs have always been some of my favorite players such as Busquets, Matic, Toulalan, Khedira, etc., but their defensive traits (interceptions, height, aggression, strength) are purely only useful when they're standing in front of your Fifa 16 Account breaking down play. When any true CDM player like Khedira pushes forward because of broken game mechanics, he gets 0 use of his defensive and physical attributes if he's hanging around your opponents box since they tend to lack in the pace, shooting, passing, and dribbling department.

With that being said, I've had huge success with playing more "box-to-box" midfielders in all midfield positions in the false 9 (it's one of my favorite formations too) and setting their formations on free roam so that they can interchange with each other, all attack and defend equally, and never be caught out of position. This way, you don't rely on specific midfielders to do specific things, and will add significantly less predictability to your play. For the CDM, I would say to have them the most defensive/tall of the 3 CMs that you choose. Players like Parolo, Vidal, Yaya, Pogba, Strootman, Nainggolan, Fellaini, or Lars Bender are good here (good all around stats and all close to or taller than 6'). Hope this helps!

433-5: This one is definitely my favorite, but I think it's a bit harder to build a team that works with it simply because every position between the midfielders and forwards are equally as important.

Make your CDM the tallest and most defensive of the 3 box to box CMs that you choose.

Your wingers must be efficient finishers. This part is crucial, especially since the wingers tend to act as strikers here and because they receive the most passing support from all 3 midfielders + your CF. LW examples include Nolito, Pedro, Reus, Perisic, Neymar, Alexis, Son, and Hazard. RW examples include Robben, Hulk, Bale, Berardi, Promes, Volland, Walcott, and Vela.

Your CF is a bit tricky. You can get a little creative here, and I would also like to go ahead and bust the stereotype that you CF must be an excellent passer to succeed here. This is not true. If you have a CF that can't pass, then don't pass with them. Problem solved. If you chose to go this route, then I would opt for a tall/physical striker than can hold up the play to make up for the fact that he can't distribute (Morata, Mandzukic, Jackson Martinez, Higuain, Benteke, Negredo, Bacca).

However, I don't think anybody can deny that having a CF with decent passing ability is definitely a plus (Muller, Rooney, Griezmann, Benzema, Tevez, Ibra, RVP, Di Natale, Raffael, Max Kruse). One last thing that I will add about the CF is that I would avoid using natural CAMs in this spot (you can, but the options are limited [James, De Bruyne, Hamsik, IF Perisic, maybe a couple others out there] since CAMs tend to be small and weak) and that 4* skills is, for more fut 16 coins, almost a MUST HAVE. If they don't have 4* skills, they better be pretty god damn good at something else to make up for it.

60fps on consoles - it's difficult to play FIFA 16

29. října 2015 v 7:17
The monitor refreshes the "pictures" 60 times in a second (not exactly how it works but just to keep it simple), and in 30 fps the screen refreshes the pictures 30 times in a second, wich means that the monitor, due to it's lower refresh rate, reacts to the actions from the game slower.

So obviously it's not the game that is reacting to the Fifa 16 Account, but the monitor you are looking at will infact react slower due to the games 30fps cap.

Furthermore, the monitor would not take longer to react to the action of the game as you put it. Fps makes no odds to how fast a game runs as long as the fps is running at its intended rate. A 30 fps game plays no slower than one at 60, you just miss out some frames that you'd of seen otherwise.

As I understand it its now up to the game what frame rate it plays at. Fifa 14 played at 60 on the new gen so it's safe to assume 15 does as well. Actually only just read what OP wrote beneath the title. Frame rate wouldn't account for the game "feeling sluggish". A low frame rate doesn't mean the game is playing any slower.

Its not even 60fps on Peasantboxes? Wtf? FIFA does not even look good. fut16coin runs it on 2560x1440 and my GPU does not even goes on Max-Clock.

Do you know the Maltese premier league of FIFA 16

24. října 2015 v 8:25
I know that the majority of you here probably don't care about the Maltese league (my home country's league) since it may not be that popular. However a high percentage of gamers here in Malta own Fifa and are huge fans of the game. We think that although it maybe a small league it deserves a place in Fifa 16 since Maltese teams also participate in CL and Europa league preliminary play-offs. It would be very special for us and very grateful if the message is passed on to EA by helping us promote this petition :)

I can admit I don't have relevant statistical to support me. However yes we are a small population with a lot of people huge fans of football and fans of foreign teams too especially the Barclays prem League and Serie A in Italy. And yes many gamers my age teenagers normally spend their time competing on FUT. Many buy a console just to play Fifa.

To be fair with all of you I'm more pissed that EA actually removed creation centre. That used to solve this problem. There have been people who actually took the time to create a small domestic league for those who would care to download it. So yeah as someone pointed out it would be better if they put in new game modes AND bring creation centre back

The only reason they rarely add small leagues in because it is not worth the money and time in getting the licenses for the amount of people that would use them. For example my league is in FIFA and our best player fut16coin think is like 66 rated max not sure I would never use them so how would ea expect people from different country's to less be honest use these shit players

This game still needs the Brazilian and Ukrainian leagues back in here before we can talk about something like Maltese leagues though. Honestly, Vanarama Conference might be a better deal for EA than Malta. but you guys aren't gonna see the importantance of fifa 16 coins, in EA games for a long time I think :( I'm hopeful for you guys though!

FIFA 16: top-selling digital games & still existing problems

23. října 2015 v 8:14
"FIFA 16" came out as one of the biggest sellers in terms of the digital platform for the fall season. As of September, it holds the highest rank for console platform sales, beating out the likes of "Destiny," "Metal Gear Solid V," "Grand Theft Auto V" and "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" out for the top spot.

This was according to the latest figures from Super Data Research. Interestingly, the end result came after "Destiny" had even boosted sales following the introduction to buy cheap fifa 16 coins, The Taken King, and the change in pricing structure for some players who bought both the base game and the DLC in a bundle.

Even with its success in consoles, fans who have played "FIFA 16" still find a few problems with the game. Redditor chrillsie opened a discussion by pointing out three main problems that "FIFA 16" is currently suffering from.

A major one are the referees, which may be broken. They dole out free kicks and penalties in the game despite proper play. In addition, some plays that need to be penalised are instead ignored. For instance, despite winning the ball, taking out the player at the same time should receive a penalty.

According to the player, another problem is the way AI players tend to go for defensive play thanks to defensive awareness. This was backed by other Redditors, who also confirm experiencing this in play.

"I [perform] an awesome skill but Giovinco takes a millisecond to get back to me. It's like they never fall for anything," said Redditor Corkak.

Finally, the last problem involves sliding tackles. In the game, the way this is executed would usually slap the player with a yellow card and earn free fifa 16 coins. In "FIFA 16," the only thing that players need to do to avoid penalties is to ensure that the player gets to kick the ball first.

Despite this, "FIFA 16" does have a lot of improvements from its previous iteration. Passing and dribbling now require better handling from players, which takes skill for an enjoyable play. Even goalkeepers saw an improvement.

"FIFA 16" will still see the release of different premium and rare gold players packs. fut16coin reported that the upcoming holidays and festivals may see EA releasing the best "FIFA 16" Ultimate Team packs.

Three reasons why FIFA 16 continues to dominate UK game chart

22. října 2015 v 7:57
A new GfK Chart-Track report released last Monday showed how FIFA 16 continues to dominate the gaming market in the UK, marking its fourth straight week in the number one spot with "Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection" falling at second place. Even though sales are continuously dropping, with FIFA 16 have a negative 40 percent, the game still manages to stay at the top position, making fans intrigued as to why it is getting rave reviews.

When FIFA 16 was launched last September, many believed it was also the day the Federation Internationale de Football Association has released it's most promising sports franchise in the history of gaming, Forbes Magazine reports. FIFA remains to be the most widely known and recognized sporting organization in the world, let alone played in every continent. Being as such, having it materialized as a game made it even more thrilling for fans as they can see themselves living the dream, selecting their own team, and playing football or soccer as if there is no tomorrow.

Since 2011, FIFA maintains its appeal to people, selling over 3.2 million copies and holding the title for the "fastest sports game to buy Fifa 16 coins. Clearly, it creates a benchmark for all sports games where it becomes difficult to beat, that is why it remains unmoved at the top of most charts. Besides this, here is a list of five reasons why FIFA 16 is the #1 sports game in the world.

1) People can play the game smoothly even if they are unaware of football rules and regulations.

Forbes Magazine adds that with a fast next generation systems and stunning graphics, the FIFA 16 does not disappoint, just like its predecessors. Commentary appears dynamic, the camera moves fluidly with every action and best of all, the feel of the game puts users in a place where they can feel alive and engaged with what they see on the screen.

2) The exciting world of Ultimate Team Mode (FUT).

Game Reactor writes that besides being fully equipped with content bursting with Career Mode, FIFA sliders, and other exciting gameplay activities, FUT makes the game a social experience by using the cards randomly taken from booster packs. It allows gamers to form a team of their own and participate in tournaments, leading to a championship game that can give players with reward coins. Furthermore, be prepared for the FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, the main event every fan lives for.

3) Branding that equates the word FOOTBALL or SOCCER to FIFA.

Forbes Magazine believes branding and word association help in making FIFA 16 retain it's top position. This is like how basketball is often synonymous to NBA and baseball to MLB. While these other sports games are also interesting, FIFA allows not just the imagination to earn Fifa 16 coins but also the tactical skills especially when playing Career Mode. What more, you can play it in whatever game console you wish - PS4, Xbox One, PC and even in mobile.

FIFA 16: the important five additions

21. října 2015 v 7:52
While FIFA 16 does not offer the Career Mode overhaul that many crave, it still presents players with an offline experience full of fun and gratification. As with any mode, there are items that could be added or tweaked to provide a more realistic and enjoyable experience. In this piece, I will throw out five suggestions that could make Career Mode even better.

Greater Immersion

Despite a plethora of news stories, emails and notifications, FIFA 16's Career Mode could use some work when it comes to the overall immersion. Features such as a transfer log, player stats (advanced & historical) and opposition scouting are all missing. While the Global Transfer Network works as intended in terms of finding you targets from around the globe, there's no way to know what kind of season they're having since stats are missing if the player is in another league.

Pre-match scouting is also virtually absent as you can really only see the opposition's last three matches. Where is the preferred lineup or lineup used in the last match?

Improved CPU AI Logic

If you have played FIFA's Career Mode for some time, you will know that transfers made between CPU clubs are often illogical. Despite being called the "silly season," transfers in FIFA 16 still suffer from a lack of quantity (not enough minor transfers) and quality (CPU stockpiling certain positions while ignoring others). It's disheartening that in in Year 4 of your Career Mode you can face an Arsenal side that still has nine or 10 players from the same starting XI as in Year 1.

Additionally, there seems to be some odd cases where CPU clubs have bigger budgets than they should. In Year 1, I have noticed clubs like Valencia and Sevilla come in for $40 million pound bids for Chelsea's Cesc Fabregas despite having a starting budget of significantly less. Perhaps they sold off a few players to raise the cash? One will never know because of the aforementioned lack of a transfer log.

Manager Carousel

Piggybacking off the previous two topics, a Managerial Carousel similar to NCAA Football's "Coaching Carousel" is sorely needed to breathe some life into the virtual footy world. Managerial turnover at the highest levels of soccer is frequent. Arsene Wenger aside, top sides change managers like normal people change socks.

Crystal Palace has had 19 managers in the last 21 years! A feature like this would see managerial philosophies (formations, transfer policy, etc…) change from time to time. In the previous example, that Arsenal side from Year 4 that has nine or 10 of the original starting XI would also still be trotting out in the same formation.

Youth/Reserve Team & Practice Mode

Despite FIFA 16's introduction of a more robust Training Mode and refined Youth Team, there still could be more done to enhance Career Mode in this area. Unless you give a depth-chart buried youngster the odd run out, there's no way to get a real feel for those squad rotation players. Why not introduce youth or reserve sides to give virtual managers an opportunity to see what they have in that recently promoted academy kid.

If that's not possible, a simple practice mode would suffice and could be used in conjunction with scouting as you prepare for an upcoming opponent. Getting ready for a tightly contested European Cup match against Italian opposition? Why not hit the practice pitch and set the reserve side up to mimic the opposition's preferred formation.

Online Career Mode

If there is one feature/game mode that I will faithfully devote words to it is this. Sports genre benchmarks like MLB The Show, NBA 2K, and Madden have it, why doesn't FIFA? The implementation would be difficult but not impossible. Blending the offline crowd with the online crowd would create a much needed addition to FIFA.

Imagine the battles an Arsenal/Spurs or Barcelona/Real Madrid co-op Online Career Mode would have. Competing against another person for Fifa 16 coins xbox one, prized transfers and trophies would be amazing.

Despite these shortcomings, FIFA 16 still offers a fun experience capable of keeping you up to the wee hours of the night as you scout the next Ronaldo. With that being said, tell us what improvements you'd like to see added to FIFA's Career Mode.

FIFA 16: find more happiness in the game

20. října 2015 v 7:39
I'm reading all of these really passionate reasons as to why people aren't buying the game. For a very long time (the entirety of FIFA 13 and 14) I would get home from school and just binge play FIFA for ~4 hours a day and aside from occasional bullshit rage I really enjoyed my time.

Now, however, I find myself instinctively turning on my PS4 and starting up FIFA only to think "wait why am I playing right now? I'm really not in the mood". But I'll play a quick game or two only to get a few nonsense goals scored on me, really killing my Fifa 16 coins ps3. For that reason I just don't think I want to play FIFA anymore -- why spend money on something I don't really want to do?

In fact, for a while now the only reason I've continued to play was because I got excited seeing something interesting on /r/FIFA. But now, all I really see are gfys of bullshit. It's just not that entertaining anymore.

I'm considering buying PES but I think I'll try the demo for a while before actually buying the game.

Anyways it's been real FIFA but I just can't suffer through playing you anymore.

I actually started last year with 14, and I actually liked it. Never played soccer before but I bought it because my roomate had it, it looked fun, and I really enjoyed seeing him work the transfer market.

The price range situation has sucked all of the enjoyment out of the game for me. Not really the ranges themselves, but because they were imposed on everyone because of their inability to fix their own Fifa 16 coins ps4. Can't sell players, buying and trying out new players is so much more of a risk now because you are most likely going to be stuck with that player until you can sell them.

The fact that there is an entire section on this site dedicated to trying to get people to buy a player has got to tell someone at EA that something's wrong.
I'm not touching another FIFA title, or really another EA title for that matter.

They get a ton of hate, and while I think most of it is way over the top, I understand the frustration and want no part of anything they do next year.

Cheating Problem of FIFA 16

19. října 2015 v 8:08
-Cheating problem has been around since FIFA 12. There has been countless number of threads, petition asking EA to do something about it, and so far nothing has been effective. Even to this day fut division is unplayable at times because you'll be facing cheaters all the time.

-The problem was so bad that a redditor/EA forum member actually made a anti-cheating program for it on FIFA 14 . It was a program that allowed you to see the opponents' squad and blacklist anyone who were cheating, so you won't have to play him with Fifa 16 coins xbox 360. He also had a lot of great ideas about fixing the problem. But he decided not to make the program for this year and left FIFA for good, because his conclusion was that EA didn't care about the user base, and he is not going to do their job for them

-Price ranges, daily matches, and everything they are implementing could have been implemented on PC a long time ago. The only reason they are trying this now is because consoles are affected. EA introduced universal prices ranges at first, which totally screwed with the PC market that had the lowest prices and most stable market out of all 3 consoles.

The market came to a grinding halt due to massive price hike caused by the price range. For the longest time PC was getting carbon copy of Xbox price range, which didn't reflect the value of players in the market either. Having a separate price range for PC from the beginning could have alleviated much of the market problem we are having now, but I guess that's too much to ask out of EA.

-There was a thread recently about what improvements EA can make on upcoming FIFA 16. Even the mods had to come out and said that any PC-specific fixes will most likely be ignored. There will be no chance of EA adopting some kind of anti-cheat tool as mentioned in 2, and D1 will probably be unplayable again this year.

They fucked the market after the price ranges, but it won't be like that when they're implemented fom the start. The cheating problem doesn't occur until you reach Div1. And while it sucks to buy Fifa 16 coins, you can always use FUTScope to avoid all the cheaters. I never had a problem finding an opponent or anything.

I mean, it is worse any other console, but it's surely not a "disaster". If you like playing Fifa and you don't want to splash a bunch of money on a console, then buy it. The only reason they say EA doesn't care about the PC is because PC is the only place you can cheat. If it was possible to do it on the consoles, it wouldn't be fixed there either. Just look at a simple thing like catalogue. They had a year to fix it and just didn't do anything about it.

For the price of a console fut16coin could upgrade my pc even further. And its already better as both tbh. It's a big of a big waste to just buy it for that one game. Esp since the difference between PC's and the PS and xbone are only getting smaller. If i would get a console as pc user atm it would be a WiiU most likely. That offers something unique.

How to be a top division player in FIFA 16

17. října 2015 v 7:25
FIFA 16 is not my game. This version enhances the high pressure ability to an extent I cannot overcome. I played a game using the tactic to success but that's not how I want to play. In years past I was able to move the ball around with a combination of different types of passes without use of many skill moves. Now My style is pretty useless with the "realism" of this game but oh well at least Battlefront is coming out. Better luck next year I hope. Oh and one more thing no touch dribbling is garbage and unrealistic imo and the game controlling how fast you can sprint is worse.

I was div 1 in 15 (on PC, so that's easier. I mean, I am not a great player), and now struggled for a while with 16 and had a terrible record. Now last week I started experimenting with the squad more and trying to rely more heavily on things like body shielding and face up dribbling, also experimented with my squad. Yada yada yada fut16coin won the Div 6 and 5 titles and am now moving on to Div 4, slowly making progress.

Well, I'm talking generally here but in FIFA 16, everyone who came to the top of the leagues using pace and lobbed through balls have been forced to learn how to play football and has been subsequently left behind. Not saying thats your case but I think it applies to a good few FIFA players.

I used to play a really quick first touch passing style, usually trippling or quadrupling my opponets passes in every game. When I started playing 16 I felt that style had been completely nerfed. I wasnt able to play the give and goes and one touch football I used to do. At first. But after a lot of games I have now been able to return to that style. Albeit it is a lot harder than in 15, it is still quite possible on not to mention just as effective. However, thanks to the challenge 16 gave me I have learned to adapt and incorporate several other styles as well, as I have been trying to get to grips with the meta of the game.

Bottom line is, FIFA 16 is harder to succeed in than in 15. Some people cant cope with it but all it takes is adjusting and cheap Fifa 16 coins. And no, I think no touch dribbling is a great addition. Also, sprinting is still highly viable this year. You just need to use it right, by finding open space and run into it, knocking the ball far ahead.

It's a great addition for playability but to some extent it's more effective and easier to use than skill moves which leads to feinting all over. Another way I think they could improve is have forwards not able to steal the Fifa 16 coins xbox 360 so easily and intercept. This should be a skill reserved for players who do so in real life such as Griezmann. Ronaldo for example hardly tries on defense and that should be reflected more in the game.

The Team Ratings Prediction of FIFA 16

16. října 2015 v 7:37
Since the season is almost reaching it's end, here are my predictions for the next installment of FIFA.

De Gea(83)- +3/+4 86/87, Tbh De Gea was pretty underrated in FiFa 15, however in 16, he's going to be our team's highest rated player. 86 is the most likeliest rating he'll get in 16, however they may keep Courtois and De Gea's ratings the same, so 87 is also very likely (if they increase his rating as well).

Victor Valdes(83)- -2, 81. Since he hasn't a match for our team, I expect a downgrade from FIFA 15.

Phil Jones (79)- +1/+2, 81 is most likely he's going to receive, making him a solid long term defensive option in career mode.

Chris Smalling (76)- +5, 81. he's come a long way since the last season. Arguably, our defender of the season. He'll be one of those players who'll get a big upgrade in next game.

Marcos Rojo (79)- +1/+2, 80/81. Just like Phil Jones, Rojo whose season was plagued by injuries will most likely get a slight increase in his rating.

Jonny Evans (79)- -3, 76. One of the weakest players in our defense. Injuries didn't help him either. I reckon a downgrade to 76 is very likely.

Luke Shaw(75)- -1/+1, 74/76. This one is slightly hard to predict because he was injured most of the season. EA may decide to reduce 1 point or leave him to his previous rating of 75. But, whenever he played, he was brilliant, so an increase is not unlikely as well. Whatever his rating is going to be, he'll be one of the best young player in FIFA.

Rafael (77)- -3, 74. Didn't play most of the season and very likely to leave our team. He'll be one of the few players in the team to get a down grade.
Antonio Valencia (80)- +/-0, 80. Played as a right-back throughout the season. I think, he's going to keep his rating of 80 with an increase in defending stats.

Daley Blind (79)- +2, 81. A versatile player who can play anywhere in the back and the Midfield. He's going to be an exciting player to use in Career mode. An increase in rating will do him justice as he was one of the most consistent performers of our season.

Ander Herrera(79)- +4/+5, 83/84. Arguably our best signing of the season. Ander Herrera will most likely get a big upgrade from previous installment. An increase upto 84 will do him justice as he was one of our best midfield players this season.

Carrick(79)- +1, 80. Michael Carrick, our most experienced player in the Midfield will probably only get a slight increase in rating due to his age and injuries.

Fellaini (79)- +2/+3, 81/82. Labelled as our flop signing last season. His turn around will surely see an increase in his physical, dribbling and shooting stats. He was a vital player this season, an increase upto 82 is very likely for the Belgian.

Ashley Young (78)- +5, 83. Other than Fellaini, it was Ashley Young who had a complete turn over this season. He came leaps and bound since last season. He's been in great form since he came back from injury. Some might say, he's just behind De Gea for our team's player of the season award.

Di Maria(86)- +0/-1, 86/85. Our most expensive signing last season. People have divided opinions, when it comes to his first season at Manchester United. Some say he had a decent season racking up more than 1000k Fifa 16 coins ps3 and others say his season was below average. I predict a slight downgrade to 85, or he'll likely keep his rating from previous installment.

Januzaj (75)- -2/-1, 73/74. Unlike his previous season, Januzaj failed to make a mark this season, mostly spending his team on the bench. He'll most likely get a slight downgrade in his ratings. Still, he'll be of the best young players for Manager mode.

Mata (85)- +0/-0, 85. One of the better players of our team. Juan Mata had an impressive season, ending as our team's second highest scorer. He's most likely to keep his rating of 85. It is unlikely he'll get more or less than that.

Robin Van Persie(88)- -5/-6, 83/82. Failing to make his mark this season, he spent half of the season injured. Since he was already overrated in FIFA 15, I expect a huge downgrade in FIFA 16.

Wayne Rooney(86) - +1, 87. Our captain, had a decent season. Ending as the team's top scorer, I predict a slight increase in his rating making him one of the highest rated player in our team.

James Wilson(63)- +7, 70. One of our best young players. First team minutes will ensure that he'll most likely get a huge upgrade and will be one of the best young players with some Fifa 16 coins.

Paddy Mcnair(49)- +16, 65. Added into the game after the season started. Paddy McNair will get the biggest upgrade since he was given a very low rating in FIFA 15.

Andres Periera (59)- +7, 66. Said to be one of our best youth players. He'll most likely get a good upgrade in FIFA 16. Since he didn't play for first team a lot, he'll stay in the sixties.

Depay(78)- +4/+5, 82/83. Ending the season as the league's highest scorer and first of our many signing for the next season. He'll be the second best young player in FIFA 16 (other being Pogba). One player everyone will want to sign in their career mode.

I didn't do loan players and other than Tyler Blackett, I think I did all the first team players. Feel free to point out any errors. What are your predictions?

FIFA 16: Defenders Aren't Sowed Down

14. října 2015 v 7:22
Folks haven't really realized yet that pace isn't gone completely, you just can't hold the sprint button and expect to get past defenders. Why? Because the defenders aren't slowed down by this thing called a futbol at their feet that they have to keep dribbling forward without losing possession, so they can just run freely instead making it easier to catch up.

If you want to take advantage of a pace differential, you need to create space for the player to run onto the ball (i.e. he can just sprint and doesn't need to worry about the ball for a handful of yards/meters). How do you do this? Double flick the cheap Fifa 16 coins. Works a charm when used strategically - I've blown past fullbacks this way to create an easy cross or opportunity to cut inside into the box.

The AI is perfect IMO. You can't pace in, but you can dribble skilfully in. You can't L1 with just any player anymore. Slow tall CBs are great just like they are in real life. fut16coin just don't see a fault to it. People that played striker in real life, like myself, know that it's hard to get past a defender when they are tall and have good positioning.

It's not so much the 1v1 I'm talking about but its how defenders cut out passes while strikers just stand idly by. Yeah I get you shouldn't be able to make long passes up the entire pitch but so many times my striker just stands there while an AI controlled defender walks around him to get the ball...obviously this works in my favor on defense so it works both ways but its just silly because its all AI controlled....why is the defending player so much more aware than the offensive guy?

Too many games that i lost with goals i have absolutely no fault and can't do nothing about it,plus the retarded passing and AI movements made me stop again. High pressure is more annoying than ever,and makes the gameplay feel really bad. The problem is not me not being as good as with precious Fifa 16 coins ps3, the real problem is that i can't have fun in this game,there's always BS happenning making me get mad. I've never been able to play more than 3/4 games in row in 16,in 15 i played easily 10games+ in a row always having fun,winning or losing.

Exactly how I feel. I've never had to force myself to sit and play FIFA before. I play 2 games max on Ultimate Team before I stop. Win or lose, it honestly doesn't matter. I just do not seem to have fun on this game. I can go basically a whole day on FIFA 15 and enjoy myself thoroughly.

And offline, as in career mode. I can barely get through a half without thinking "alright, I'm tired of this." It sucks because FIFA was always my constant game I went back too. When that new FPS got stale, time to pop FIFA in. When I beat that new RPG, time to pop FIFA in. Now I don't have that. I literally find myself looking at the PS4 home screen like now what.

How could FIFA 16 be better

13. října 2015 v 7:25
Glad to see a you here for fifa manager mode. fut16coin don't know a lot about what the community has talked about here, but, I really have high hopes for the new FIFA game play wise. That being said, I have some issues with 15 that must be addressed in 16.

-May update breaking youth players from ever growing physical stats. This is insane. It has to be fixed.

-Youth academy players should be more diverse, and you should be able to narrow your search more. Want your scout to find large strikers with stength? Great. Speedy Strikers? Speedy centre backs for some reason? These are all things that should be searchable, and can't be that hard to program
-A trophy room.

Say you win Serie A... you should see the Serie A trophy with your teams colours on it (streamers or whatever they fancy it up with) and even a team photo with names of all the players on your Fifa 16 account. That can't possibly be hard to do and would make the mm so much more enjoyable and satisfying.

-Better stat tracking from year to year for your team and all players. Why can't I see how many goals Ibra pops in France when I'm in Italy?

-On start, a youth squad. The way MM is now every time has zero players in their cheap Fifa 16 coins. This severely stunts the growth of teams from the beginning for no reason.

-Smarter CPU depth chart management

-Less ridiculous transfers, and less scripted transfers.

FIFA 16: Protests and Supporting Socialism

12. října 2015 v 7:40
I know talking about it doesn't help, but there's nothing wrong with criticism. I was on the EA Forums for about 3 years from FIFA 11 to 13 before just growing tired of the same shit there, and I know for a fact EA just don't listen to the player base issues as long as Ultimate Team sells. I honestly don't see why you think my incredibly basic and simple issues on your Fifa 16 account with two football games is unrealistic.

It is not unrealistic to want timing mattering for headers, a long shot was actually a good goal and wasn't scored due to bad goalkeeping and it felt like you actually had to play a game of football to score.

You probably think people unhappy with the way their country is wrong should just be quiet about it because it won't change anything without Fifa coins, well, my friend has been going to protests and supporting socialism since he was like 13 and now he's over the moon that Labour have a left leader who could offer a complete change to the country. If it wasn't for the people who kept pushing on and wanting change and a BETTER way according to them, Corbyn wouldn't be in charge of Labour right now.

You probably think people unhappy with the way their country is wrong should just be quiet about it because it won't change anything, well, my friend has been going to protests and supporting socialism since he was like 13 and now he's over the moon that Labour have a left leader who could offer a complete change to the country. If it wasn't for the people who kept pushing on and wanting change and a BETTER way according to them, Corbyn wouldn't be in charge of Labour right now.

To all those that loved the FIFA 16 demo (I did too), UT is going to be way different. It won't be slow like the demo, it will be more arcady and faster game play, this is how EA makes their Fut 16 coins. By making us go through a roller coaster of emotions, we are likely to play more and more compared to slow game where we could dominate or get dominated.

A demo is not the final product, sure, but I was never tricked by a demo itself. I do remember to not like much of FIFA 14's demo, I just bought it when it was hugely discount to just try something new when I had put aside FIFA 13 for a long time already.

I'm not sure what the point of this post is. FIFA 15 was a major improvement over FIFA 14, and I'm assuming (because I haven't played the demo yet) that FIFA 16 will be at least moderately improved on FIFA 15, and that FIFA 17 will be an improvement on FIFA 16, and so on.

FIFA 16: recognise a defender

10. října 2015 v 7:49
I feel like there should be a happy medium between the two, if the ball is played over a long distance or too close to one of your players then the defender should challenge for the ball a randomly generated number of times. The higher the interception stat the higher the number of times an interception is attempted. Or player with good reading of the game can do it manually at all times.

II actually think a better way to fix it is not with defending AI but with attacking AI. The attacker should recognise a defender is moving to intercept and should attempt to reach the ball first. This creates a healthy battle between each player. For example a player with high strength could hold his ground and prevent the defender from getting in front of him (hold up play). Ur a player with good skill could quickly dash to the ball and attempt to turn the intercepting defender meaning that going for an interception has some risk to it.

In real life if an interceptions is attempted but fails that player is then out of position and they could be punished for it, this has to be mirrored in Fifa but currently you can't punish the huge amount of automated AI interceptions.

If I've got one guy covering with RB and I'm in space, I can only cover one or maybe two lanes if I get lucky. If a guy has 4 or 5 options to earn Fifa 16 coins ps3 and there are AI defenders in the area I've got to either pray to the RNG gods that the LB switches to the closest defender or use the right stick to switch around until I get to the right guy at which point the pass should be long over.
My AI guy should be smart enough to stick a leg out instead of just letting the ball roll right by him because you aren't going to be able to switch to the right guy fast enough many times.

I was really good at passing in Fifa 15, mainly finding space for my strikers and ground through-ball them onto goal. It is definitely ineffective this year. Through balls dont work as well coupled with incredible defender reactions always managing to get to the ball before my attackers and my players always insisting to pass through the opponent rather than around them makes attacking central really shit.

Fifa 16 is all about turtling and counterattack. 9 out of 10 times people would just pull back their players back to their half and just wait for you to pass. Auto intercept is too darn good it's stupid. What happens after is typical pass to the wings and bring into the box near the byline and back passing to the striker. 9 out of 10 times scored in this game.

As I've discussed in another thread when using the through ball button it tries to play the "perfect through ball" into your players path which often is through a defender and you give the Fifa 16 coins xbox 360 away. Instead what it should do is makes the through ball less perfect so your forward has to adjust his run and the ball should be played closer to the striker and away from the defender but unfortunately it has been coded poorly and this does not happen. I find in the final third its better to just do a driven pass and hope your forward has the touch to take it into his stride.

If they surpass your midfield make sure to track any runs with your defenders and try and slow down the attack by preventing key passes until your midfield can recover. If they dally on the ball and there is no obvious passes for them switch to a midfielder and try and tackle them from behind / the side.

Defend the centre of your goal and always try and show players out wide as crosses suck really bad. Learn what foot the opposition player is strong on and force them with their Fifa 16 coins xbox one. Most people won't shoot with their players weaker foot so be prepared for them to try and turn on to their stronger foot and the moment they do go in for the tackle.

Red Cards in FIFA 16

9. října 2015 v 7:31
This has happened to me so many times in FUT, but didn't know it happens in H2H seasons too. Playing against a decent player (evenly matched), me as Bayern, him as RM. He gets an early red card (second yellow) because he's recklessly sliding around (I know, not usual from a good player, but it seemed like he was just messing around). But when he goes a man down, his team starts to play god-like. He didn't even bother to change his formation when his mid left the field, just a gaping gap in the midfield. It's almost as if he knew it didn't matter. I battle back (I know, a man up, sound ridiculous, right?) after he takes the lead on the momentum boost and Ribery draws a penalty and a red card from Ramos. Game tied 2-2, I'm up 2 men, should be my game to win, right? Nope.

Double momentum boost! Ronaldo goes beast mode and my team can't do a thing about it. Again, he doesn't change formation. Missing a central mid and a CB, no problem! End up going down 3-2 and losing 4-2 on a injury time goal when I throw everything into attack.

I know the usual excuses people use for this. No, I don't start playing differently because I've been through this too many times to let up or think that things are going to get easy. In fact, I expect things to get harder when I go up a man, so I focus even more. We know there is momentum in the game, and I'm now certain that it's triggered by red cards as well.

While momentum MAY exist, alot of it is in your head. Lets face it, fifa rewards aggresiveness and get Fifa 16 coins ios, being down 2 and cutting it to 1, people turn up the pressure and play like they got nothing to lose. Add in the fact of seeing your 2 goal lead cut in half and seeing a once wide open game now nearly tied makes you play more conservatively and doubt yourself more and the aggressive player down a goal combined with the over cautious player up a goal usually leads to the player whos up making silly mistakes and said mistakes are often taken advantage of cuz the player

Played locally against my best mate the other day. Beat him comfortably (usually do). Then went down to ten in the second game - did ok up to half time. But the second half was hilarious. My passes were all super-soft, and everything he did worked perfectly. And I mean everything. He couldn't misplace a pass if he tried. I lost 1-5 with both of us laughing at how irrelevant my moves were. That's not paranoia, nor is it positive reinforcement - there was literally no way I could have stopped him from scoring. He's not even very good at finishing. He scored 5 in that game, and a total of 3 goals in the other 5 games besides it. I have no doubt there is some form of momentum in FIFA, although I don't know what the rules are that make it happen. And I don't really care enough to worry about it (I'm way too old to be worrying about that kind of stuff).

I get where people are coming from. I try to practice that as much as possible. My current record in H2H seasons (recently switched from FUT) is 55-4-6, so I'm not a terrible player (although I'm sure some would say that this is a bad record).

ALL I'm saying is that in my experience, the momentum shift that seems to happen when a team I'm playing gets a red card seems excessive to the point that it becomes unrealistic.

I rarely get red cards myself, so I can't say I've experience the other side of it much, but I do seem to recall that my results after going a man down are much better than one would typically expect. The Fifa 16 coins ps3 has two sides.

I experience momentum shifts when I go up by big margins (e.g. 3-0) before halftime in FIFA as well. However, I'm usually able to manage those and "weather the storm" so to speak. I just feel like, more often than not, if you go a man up, you should feel like you have a significant advantage. If you go 2 men up, you should definitely be able to control the game, especially if your opponent doesn't even adjust his formation. It feels easier for me to "control the game" at even strength than it does with 1 or 2 men up and that's not right. I'm a possession and passing player, so I'm not just hoofing the ball upfield or pace-abusing.

Anyway, I get that there are opposing schools of thoughts. Some people are more comfortable with the thought that everything is in their control and that FIFA is always a perfectly level playing field. I'm not one of them. To each his own. What I don't get is the need of people to come in and want to express their superiority over me as a player. I honestly couldn't care less.

FIFA 16: attack with purpose

8. října 2015 v 7:43
FIFA 16 is a difficult game. Along with having one of the most unfair and cruel difficulty settings we've ever seen in a football game, there are many controls to master. On top of all that, it's a game that assumes that the player knows their football, that they can read plays and apply that knowledge on the digital field. If you don't come prepared with years of practice on your Fifa 16 account, it may be difficult to find your feet in the new edition of EA Sports' football sim, and even if consider yourself a "master" in FIFA, you still need to relearn several elements. Fear not though, as we have decided to help out with a short guide that should offer a helping hand to anyone trying to tackle this year's entry in the series.

1. Knowledge

Before you can run, you must learn how to walk. FIFA 16 is a very complex game, with many types of shooting, passing and dribbling. To learn the basics, or even the most advanced features, take a peek at the videos that EA Sports has made available in the main menu. You can also use the new help system that provides contextual tips for players during matches. Play some games on the weaker difficulty settings and pay attention to the pointers from the help system.

2. Practice

After you have learned the theory of FIFA 16, it's time to put it into practice, and for this there is nothing better than beating the various Skill Games with top marks. Some of these challenges can be quite difficult to buy Fifa 16 coins, but after several attempts, you should be evolving. If you can master theses Skill Games, you will be better prepared than ever to face FIFA - online and offline - and will know most of the secrets of the gameplay.

3. The Art of Defence

Defending in FIFA 16 is a complicated task, and it has been this way since EA Sports changed to a manual defensive scheme. If it actually proves too challenging, you can change back to the classic scheme, which is almost automatic. In the controls section choose the "Legacy Defending" option. Other than that, try to stay calm when defending. Don't rush to the ball, or you will be dribbled past with ease. Calm, patience and timing are the foundations of a good defence.

4. Ball Retention

The artificial intelligence in FIFA 16 defends very well, so it's natural that some players will find it hard to maintain possession of the ball. If that's case for you, the first thing you should do is release the sprint button. There is often a tendency to run with the ball, but this can be a big mistake. Try to pass the ball frequently, wait for the other players to occupy the empty spaces and don't risk too much. This will allow you to keep the ball for a longer period of time, and will eventually open up attacking possibilities.

5. Attacking with Purpose

There are several ways to attack in FIFA 16. You can cross into the area, defend deep and let them attack before hitting them on the break, shot from outside the area or even make some one-two plays near the oposite defenders. There's no perfect way of attacking, but you should always take into account the team's strengths and weaknesses. If your strikers are small, crossing might be an inefficient way of trying to score. On the other hand, if your forwards lack pace, it won't be easy to launch rapid counterattacks. Be smart about how you attack and play to the best strengths of your team.

6. Tactics for Success

Formations and tactics in FIFA 16 are more important than many initially consider. Players will often complain that their team sits back too far on the pitch, that their forwards are always straying offside, or that there's not enough attacking runs in behind the opposition defence. All of this can actually be attributed to the team's tactics. Spend a bit of time adjusting the formation of your team, and consider what mentality you want them to express on the pitch. Do this and you will surely notice improvements in the way they play, and it should better reflect your own personal style.

7. Unlock Free Stuff

Have you noticed that you earn FIFA points whenever you fulfil certain actions? Well, there is a place where you can spend these hard-earned points. Via the main menu, press R3 to visit the items catalog. Here you can unlock Fifa coins for FUT, alternative kits, new celebrations, cheats for career mode, and several extra balls; all unlockable with FIFA points.

FIFA 16 Brings New Game Experience

7. října 2015 v 7:32
You know that feeling when your girlfriend/wife/mother asks you why you need the new FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) game when you already have the previous one? This time, you can tell them the game is completely different, but it's still a ton of fun.

Like its predecessors, FIFA16 is a football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts (EA) Sports. The UrbanWire's writers, Faris and Manfred, played the latest game in the franchise to get Fifa 16 coins. To make things a little more interesting, Faris is a veteran FIFA player while Manfred hasn't the foggiest on what's happening on screen.


Faris: FIFA16's gameplay is by far the hardest we've ever played since we started playing FIFA (FIFA04, mind you!). The passing and shooting mechanics have changed dramatically, as does the whole feel of the game.

Manfred: FIFA does have a very crisp and responsive control system to emulate the fluidity of football itself.

Faris: It feels much slower. And the slower we played, with more passes and more emphasis on possession, the more successful we were. You've got to Play Beautiful, as the tagline says. No more holding down the sprint button!

Manfred: …still not slow enough for me. I was button-mashing just to see what would happen and I wished I had a separate joystick to control aim instead of having both movement and aim bound to one. The 'intuitive' mechanics are very unintuitive if you have no clue about FIFA or football in general. But it's supremely satisfying to execute slick passes and dribbles, even if you have no idea how you did them.

Female Teams

For the first time ever, female football teams have been added into the game. It's as symbolic as it is enjoyable. Playing with our favourite strike duo, America's Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux was easily more fun than ripping defenders to shreds using cover star Lionel Messi.

Faris: Adding the women's teams also made it feel like you've got two games in one, albeit it being an extension on your Fifa 16 account - with 'Kick Off' and 'Women's International Cup' being the only two game modes the women teams are able to play in. Maybe in future we'll see more women teams in the game, as well as women being added in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

Manfred: FIFA is an emulator to a certain extent and it's meant to reflect the football scene in reality. But we still wish there's more liberty with the teams, like pitting the Men's teams against the Women's team, just for the experience.


Better graphics are always cited by the triple A developers every year in their new releases, boasting higher resolution, better psychics and immersive realism. FIFA is no exception, with each installment coming with 'improved graphics'.

Manfred: I'd like to call EA out on that because FIFA16 does look the same as last year's. There's still awkward animations, clipping and collisions and plenty of odd rendering. Luckily, FIFA is mostly played in full zoomed-out view of the whole pitch so we only need to laugh during goal celebrations or penalties.

Faris: There hasn't been a huge difference in the graphics from last year's game to this one, but that isn't the game's main sell. End of the day, it looks realistic enough so players don't find it annoying. Seriously, there's so much focus that you have to put into playing the game, that the graphics, improved or not, are hardly noticed.

Draft and Lag

FUT Draft is the biggest feature for game modes. Indeed, it's massive fun to build a team full of superstars and trying your hands with an In-Form Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez in the same team. Unfortunately the EA servers are a letdown.

Faris: Searching for games was tough, and you'd get that laggy latency from time to time. EA's still got work to do on that front. There's also a big debate as to whether the FUT Draft is worth its entry fee: 15,000 Fut 16 coins or 300 FIFA points ($4.80). It would be worth your money and time only if you win the Draft. If you've yet to really figure out the new gameplay yet, you should stay away from it.

Manfred: As mentioned, in a game with fluid and intuitive gameplay, having lag stutter gameplay will cause so much impotent rage. And smashed controllers if you disconnect from a game.

Final words

Manfred: Though I certainly don't play it much, FIFA is one of the last few games which properly delivers a nostalgic "splitscreen" experience. Before Xbox Live or Playstation Network you had to call your friends over to you house to play a game with you. It was a shared experience that purely online gaming can't match. FIFA lets you enjoy the video game and the beautiful game with your friends, especially when you can't play football on a pitch with them because of the haze.

Faris: Although it's the most difficult FIFA I've ever played, it's also the most enjoyable one. The emphasis on passing and playing beautifully, similar to real life, makes the experience a fruitful one. It'll be a mix of frustration and fun while learning the game.

FIFA 16: finesse tips can help a lot

5. října 2015 v 4:26
Was facing same issue. Some of these tips seemed to solve my problem. I can't say I have perfected the art but at least now I am scoring 80% of chances that deserve to be scored. Let me know if any and which one solves your issue.

Here are some tips
Make sure your camera is same as that of FIFA 15 or the one you used to play on.

Our muscle memory of analog stick is based on that camera and trust me this made a lot of difference once I was back to Tele Broadcast. I was on target, hitting top and bottom corners.

Now I think this part did the trick for me.
I went to skill challenges Practiced a lot. Especially the silver shooting challenge.

I feel everyone has a different adaptability issue and spending time here experimenting can let us know what suits us best.

In the silver shooting challenge, I tried different power bars for different shots from different distances and different angles etc.

Once I was comfortable I moved on to the advanced shooting skill challenges where they put you in match scoring situations.

Practiced that for another hour and since then I have been doing well. Do practice here.

Moving on to some inference from this skill challenge practice

How much should the power bar be?

Unless you are v close or v far off to the keeper (and goal) the power bar should be around 2.5 bars. When you are v close, as many pointed out tap the shoot button twice which makes the power go down to 1 bar.

Do you keep pressing RT or leave it?
Another tip is that when you get into most 1v1 or good shooting positions, you are aleady pressing the sprint button due to the before math of what got you into good position with Fifa 16 coins pc. When I am pressing the sprint button, I also press LT along while shooting which for some reason leads to a more powerfull shot. If you are scoring near post however, release RT. Don't press LT without pressing RT as else it will lead to the trick shot which is not for those on this thread in the first place

Finesse tips
For finnesse you need to be at a certain angle to help. In most cases you should mostly be facing sideways to the goal. Also finesse power and timing varies from player to player and hence practicing will help a lot.

When to shoot? It's also important that you shoot exactly when the keeper is about to make a move. It might be when he is just marching forward from the goal line or about to pounce. Just a second before he does this, shooting then increases chances.

Hope this helps. Let me know if something is wrong or can be added