Cheating Problem of FIFA 16

19. října 2015 v 8:08
-Cheating problem has been around since FIFA 12. There has been countless number of threads, petition asking EA to do something about it, and so far nothing has been effective. Even to this day fut division is unplayable at times because you'll be facing cheaters all the time.

-The problem was so bad that a redditor/EA forum member actually made a anti-cheating program for it on FIFA 14 . It was a program that allowed you to see the opponents' squad and blacklist anyone who were cheating, so you won't have to play him with Fifa 16 coins xbox 360. He also had a lot of great ideas about fixing the problem. But he decided not to make the program for this year and left FIFA for good, because his conclusion was that EA didn't care about the user base, and he is not going to do their job for them

-Price ranges, daily matches, and everything they are implementing could have been implemented on PC a long time ago. The only reason they are trying this now is because consoles are affected. EA introduced universal prices ranges at first, which totally screwed with the PC market that had the lowest prices and most stable market out of all 3 consoles.

The market came to a grinding halt due to massive price hike caused by the price range. For the longest time PC was getting carbon copy of Xbox price range, which didn't reflect the value of players in the market either. Having a separate price range for PC from the beginning could have alleviated much of the market problem we are having now, but I guess that's too much to ask out of EA.

-There was a thread recently about what improvements EA can make on upcoming FIFA 16. Even the mods had to come out and said that any PC-specific fixes will most likely be ignored. There will be no chance of EA adopting some kind of anti-cheat tool as mentioned in 2, and D1 will probably be unplayable again this year.

They fucked the market after the price ranges, but it won't be like that when they're implemented fom the start. The cheating problem doesn't occur until you reach Div1. And while it sucks to buy Fifa 16 coins, you can always use FUTScope to avoid all the cheaters. I never had a problem finding an opponent or anything.

I mean, it is worse any other console, but it's surely not a "disaster". If you like playing Fifa and you don't want to splash a bunch of money on a console, then buy it. The only reason they say EA doesn't care about the PC is because PC is the only place you can cheat. If it was possible to do it on the consoles, it wouldn't be fixed there either. Just look at a simple thing like catalogue. They had a year to fix it and just didn't do anything about it.

For the price of a console fut16coin could upgrade my pc even further. And its already better as both tbh. It's a big of a big waste to just buy it for that one game. Esp since the difference between PC's and the PS and xbone are only getting smaller. If i would get a console as pc user atm it would be a WiiU most likely. That offers something unique.

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