Do you know the Maltese premier league of FIFA 16

24. října 2015 v 8:25
I know that the majority of you here probably don't care about the Maltese league (my home country's league) since it may not be that popular. However a high percentage of gamers here in Malta own Fifa and are huge fans of the game. We think that although it maybe a small league it deserves a place in Fifa 16 since Maltese teams also participate in CL and Europa league preliminary play-offs. It would be very special for us and very grateful if the message is passed on to EA by helping us promote this petition :)

I can admit I don't have relevant statistical to support me. However yes we are a small population with a lot of people huge fans of football and fans of foreign teams too especially the Barclays prem League and Serie A in Italy. And yes many gamers my age teenagers normally spend their time competing on FUT. Many buy a console just to play Fifa.

To be fair with all of you I'm more pissed that EA actually removed creation centre. That used to solve this problem. There have been people who actually took the time to create a small domestic league for those who would care to download it. So yeah as someone pointed out it would be better if they put in new game modes AND bring creation centre back

The only reason they rarely add small leagues in because it is not worth the money and time in getting the licenses for the amount of people that would use them. For example my league is in FIFA and our best player fut16coin think is like 66 rated max not sure I would never use them so how would ea expect people from different country's to less be honest use these shit players

This game still needs the Brazilian and Ukrainian leagues back in here before we can talk about something like Maltese leagues though. Honestly, Vanarama Conference might be a better deal for EA than Malta. but you guys aren't gonna see the importantance of fifa 16 coins, in EA games for a long time I think :( I'm hopeful for you guys though!

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