FIFA 16: change your tactics

31. října 2015 v 6:55
I play on legendary and the only thing fut16coin didn't like was the playstyle that indeed doesn't chage from team to team, apart from that, I just try new things every time to adapt, change your tactics during the game if it's not working out for you . Won 6-1 with United against Borussia Dortmund yesterday, then tried out Atlético de Madrid against Liverpool and had to restart the match 4 times at the 89 min mark because I just couldn't win.

Possession is not a problem for me personally, sometimes it's low (40% is the lowest I had so far) but whatever, I can still create chances, tactics play a bigger hole in this game than some people may think.

I was so pissed when I saw this in the game. Like seriously I thought teams would have personalities now. Like in 2k16 the teams will play differently and play to their strengths. LIke the Warriors will try to get shooters open, the Grizzlies will be super defensive and so on. EA should of made Barca a passing team, Juve a defensive team, Madrid a counter attack team and so on. Was hoping EA would do the same but nope. 2 star teams are making inch perfect passes like Barcelona and finishing like Ronaldo.

You have to change your defensive tactics. The shit we got away with in 15 won't work here. I tried it in the demo and I would just tire my guys out. The theme of this year is passing and possession. You can't just run into the player and have them tackle for you or perform a standing tackle and it work.
So I switched (don't know where in the settings) from legacy defending to tactical defending, I pretty much got the hang of it. And this way of defending is so much better. I don't think I'll ever go back. Let the cpu controlled teammates go defending on the ball and cover the passing lanes. You'll get the opponent to lob or play risky passes. It's the only way to get by.

Granted my experience so far is just on Amateur for the FUT games, but I still get out possession(ed) 40-60. That's fine, my goals come from

I've played the starter tourney and it's on amateur with 60-something teams and to get fifa ultimate team coins. I think EA gathered that one of the basic premises of possession play is if you are in danger, pass the ball away to a teammate. That every team should understand that and not blindly run/pass into danger.

That's the best guess I have. But I see your point. If I have an 80+ team against a ~60 team, based on talent, skills, defensive ability, and pace, I should overpower that team 10 out of 10 times.counterattacks.

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