FIFA 16: Defenders Aren't Sowed Down

14. října 2015 v 7:22
Folks haven't really realized yet that pace isn't gone completely, you just can't hold the sprint button and expect to get past defenders. Why? Because the defenders aren't slowed down by this thing called a futbol at their feet that they have to keep dribbling forward without losing possession, so they can just run freely instead making it easier to catch up.

If you want to take advantage of a pace differential, you need to create space for the player to run onto the ball (i.e. he can just sprint and doesn't need to worry about the ball for a handful of yards/meters). How do you do this? Double flick the cheap Fifa 16 coins. Works a charm when used strategically - I've blown past fullbacks this way to create an easy cross or opportunity to cut inside into the box.

The AI is perfect IMO. You can't pace in, but you can dribble skilfully in. You can't L1 with just any player anymore. Slow tall CBs are great just like they are in real life. fut16coin just don't see a fault to it. People that played striker in real life, like myself, know that it's hard to get past a defender when they are tall and have good positioning.

It's not so much the 1v1 I'm talking about but its how defenders cut out passes while strikers just stand idly by. Yeah I get you shouldn't be able to make long passes up the entire pitch but so many times my striker just stands there while an AI controlled defender walks around him to get the ball...obviously this works in my favor on defense so it works both ways but its just silly because its all AI controlled....why is the defending player so much more aware than the offensive guy?

Too many games that i lost with goals i have absolutely no fault and can't do nothing about it,plus the retarded passing and AI movements made me stop again. High pressure is more annoying than ever,and makes the gameplay feel really bad. The problem is not me not being as good as with precious Fifa 16 coins ps3, the real problem is that i can't have fun in this game,there's always BS happenning making me get mad. I've never been able to play more than 3/4 games in row in 16,in 15 i played easily 10games+ in a row always having fun,winning or losing.

Exactly how I feel. I've never had to force myself to sit and play FIFA before. I play 2 games max on Ultimate Team before I stop. Win or lose, it honestly doesn't matter. I just do not seem to have fun on this game. I can go basically a whole day on FIFA 15 and enjoy myself thoroughly.

And offline, as in career mode. I can barely get through a half without thinking "alright, I'm tired of this." It sucks because FIFA was always my constant game I went back too. When that new FPS got stale, time to pop FIFA in. When I beat that new RPG, time to pop FIFA in. Now I don't have that. I literally find myself looking at the PS4 home screen like now what.

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