FIFA 16: find more happiness in the game

20. října 2015 v 7:39
I'm reading all of these really passionate reasons as to why people aren't buying the game. For a very long time (the entirety of FIFA 13 and 14) I would get home from school and just binge play FIFA for ~4 hours a day and aside from occasional bullshit rage I really enjoyed my time.

Now, however, I find myself instinctively turning on my PS4 and starting up FIFA only to think "wait why am I playing right now? I'm really not in the mood". But I'll play a quick game or two only to get a few nonsense goals scored on me, really killing my Fifa 16 coins ps3. For that reason I just don't think I want to play FIFA anymore -- why spend money on something I don't really want to do?

In fact, for a while now the only reason I've continued to play was because I got excited seeing something interesting on /r/FIFA. But now, all I really see are gfys of bullshit. It's just not that entertaining anymore.

I'm considering buying PES but I think I'll try the demo for a while before actually buying the game.

Anyways it's been real FIFA but I just can't suffer through playing you anymore.

I actually started last year with 14, and I actually liked it. Never played soccer before but I bought it because my roomate had it, it looked fun, and I really enjoyed seeing him work the transfer market.

The price range situation has sucked all of the enjoyment out of the game for me. Not really the ranges themselves, but because they were imposed on everyone because of their inability to fix their own Fifa 16 coins ps4. Can't sell players, buying and trying out new players is so much more of a risk now because you are most likely going to be stuck with that player until you can sell them.

The fact that there is an entire section on this site dedicated to trying to get people to buy a player has got to tell someone at EA that something's wrong.
I'm not touching another FIFA title, or really another EA title for that matter.

They get a ton of hate, and while I think most of it is way over the top, I understand the frustration and want no part of anything they do next year.

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