FIFA 16: finesse tips can help a lot

5. října 2015 v 4:26
Was facing same issue. Some of these tips seemed to solve my problem. I can't say I have perfected the art but at least now I am scoring 80% of chances that deserve to be scored. Let me know if any and which one solves your issue.

Here are some tips
Make sure your camera is same as that of FIFA 15 or the one you used to play on.

Our muscle memory of analog stick is based on that camera and trust me this made a lot of difference once I was back to Tele Broadcast. I was on target, hitting top and bottom corners.

Now I think this part did the trick for me.
I went to skill challenges Practiced a lot. Especially the silver shooting challenge.

I feel everyone has a different adaptability issue and spending time here experimenting can let us know what suits us best.

In the silver shooting challenge, I tried different power bars for different shots from different distances and different angles etc.

Once I was comfortable I moved on to the advanced shooting skill challenges where they put you in match scoring situations.

Practiced that for another hour and since then I have been doing well. Do practice here.

Moving on to some inference from this skill challenge practice

How much should the power bar be?

Unless you are v close or v far off to the keeper (and goal) the power bar should be around 2.5 bars. When you are v close, as many pointed out tap the shoot button twice which makes the power go down to 1 bar.

Do you keep pressing RT or leave it?
Another tip is that when you get into most 1v1 or good shooting positions, you are aleady pressing the sprint button due to the before math of what got you into good position with Fifa 16 coins pc. When I am pressing the sprint button, I also press LT along while shooting which for some reason leads to a more powerfull shot. If you are scoring near post however, release RT. Don't press LT without pressing RT as else it will lead to the trick shot which is not for those on this thread in the first place

Finesse tips
For finnesse you need to be at a certain angle to help. In most cases you should mostly be facing sideways to the goal. Also finesse power and timing varies from player to player and hence practicing will help a lot.

When to shoot? It's also important that you shoot exactly when the keeper is about to make a move. It might be when he is just marching forward from the goal line or about to pounce. Just a second before he does this, shooting then increases chances.

Hope this helps. Let me know if something is wrong or can be added

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