FIFA 16: recognise a defender

10. října 2015 v 7:49
I feel like there should be a happy medium between the two, if the ball is played over a long distance or too close to one of your players then the defender should challenge for the ball a randomly generated number of times. The higher the interception stat the higher the number of times an interception is attempted. Or player with good reading of the game can do it manually at all times.

II actually think a better way to fix it is not with defending AI but with attacking AI. The attacker should recognise a defender is moving to intercept and should attempt to reach the ball first. This creates a healthy battle between each player. For example a player with high strength could hold his ground and prevent the defender from getting in front of him (hold up play). Ur a player with good skill could quickly dash to the ball and attempt to turn the intercepting defender meaning that going for an interception has some risk to it.

In real life if an interceptions is attempted but fails that player is then out of position and they could be punished for it, this has to be mirrored in Fifa but currently you can't punish the huge amount of automated AI interceptions.

If I've got one guy covering with RB and I'm in space, I can only cover one or maybe two lanes if I get lucky. If a guy has 4 or 5 options to earn Fifa 16 coins ps3 and there are AI defenders in the area I've got to either pray to the RNG gods that the LB switches to the closest defender or use the right stick to switch around until I get to the right guy at which point the pass should be long over.
My AI guy should be smart enough to stick a leg out instead of just letting the ball roll right by him because you aren't going to be able to switch to the right guy fast enough many times.

I was really good at passing in Fifa 15, mainly finding space for my strikers and ground through-ball them onto goal. It is definitely ineffective this year. Through balls dont work as well coupled with incredible defender reactions always managing to get to the ball before my attackers and my players always insisting to pass through the opponent rather than around them makes attacking central really shit.

Fifa 16 is all about turtling and counterattack. 9 out of 10 times people would just pull back their players back to their half and just wait for you to pass. Auto intercept is too darn good it's stupid. What happens after is typical pass to the wings and bring into the box near the byline and back passing to the striker. 9 out of 10 times scored in this game.

As I've discussed in another thread when using the through ball button it tries to play the "perfect through ball" into your players path which often is through a defender and you give the Fifa 16 coins xbox 360 away. Instead what it should do is makes the through ball less perfect so your forward has to adjust his run and the ball should be played closer to the striker and away from the defender but unfortunately it has been coded poorly and this does not happen. I find in the final third its better to just do a driven pass and hope your forward has the touch to take it into his stride.

If they surpass your midfield make sure to track any runs with your defenders and try and slow down the attack by preventing key passes until your midfield can recover. If they dally on the ball and there is no obvious passes for them switch to a midfielder and try and tackle them from behind / the side.

Defend the centre of your goal and always try and show players out wide as crosses suck really bad. Learn what foot the opposition player is strong on and force them with their Fifa 16 coins xbox one. Most people won't shoot with their players weaker foot so be prepared for them to try and turn on to their stronger foot and the moment they do go in for the tackle.

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