FIFA 16: top-selling digital games & still existing problems

23. října 2015 v 8:14
"FIFA 16" came out as one of the biggest sellers in terms of the digital platform for the fall season. As of September, it holds the highest rank for console platform sales, beating out the likes of "Destiny," "Metal Gear Solid V," "Grand Theft Auto V" and "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" out for the top spot.

This was according to the latest figures from Super Data Research. Interestingly, the end result came after "Destiny" had even boosted sales following the introduction to buy cheap fifa 16 coins, The Taken King, and the change in pricing structure for some players who bought both the base game and the DLC in a bundle.

Even with its success in consoles, fans who have played "FIFA 16" still find a few problems with the game. Redditor chrillsie opened a discussion by pointing out three main problems that "FIFA 16" is currently suffering from.

A major one are the referees, which may be broken. They dole out free kicks and penalties in the game despite proper play. In addition, some plays that need to be penalised are instead ignored. For instance, despite winning the ball, taking out the player at the same time should receive a penalty.

According to the player, another problem is the way AI players tend to go for defensive play thanks to defensive awareness. This was backed by other Redditors, who also confirm experiencing this in play.

"I [perform] an awesome skill but Giovinco takes a millisecond to get back to me. It's like they never fall for anything," said Redditor Corkak.

Finally, the last problem involves sliding tackles. In the game, the way this is executed would usually slap the player with a yellow card and earn free fifa 16 coins. In "FIFA 16," the only thing that players need to do to avoid penalties is to ensure that the player gets to kick the ball first.

Despite this, "FIFA 16" does have a lot of improvements from its previous iteration. Passing and dribbling now require better handling from players, which takes skill for an enjoyable play. Even goalkeepers saw an improvement.

"FIFA 16" will still see the release of different premium and rare gold players packs. fut16coin reported that the upcoming holidays and festivals may see EA releasing the best "FIFA 16" Ultimate Team packs.

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