How to be a top division player in FIFA 16

17. října 2015 v 7:25
FIFA 16 is not my game. This version enhances the high pressure ability to an extent I cannot overcome. I played a game using the tactic to success but that's not how I want to play. In years past I was able to move the ball around with a combination of different types of passes without use of many skill moves. Now My style is pretty useless with the "realism" of this game but oh well at least Battlefront is coming out. Better luck next year I hope. Oh and one more thing no touch dribbling is garbage and unrealistic imo and the game controlling how fast you can sprint is worse.

I was div 1 in 15 (on PC, so that's easier. I mean, I am not a great player), and now struggled for a while with 16 and had a terrible record. Now last week I started experimenting with the squad more and trying to rely more heavily on things like body shielding and face up dribbling, also experimented with my squad. Yada yada yada fut16coin won the Div 6 and 5 titles and am now moving on to Div 4, slowly making progress.

Well, I'm talking generally here but in FIFA 16, everyone who came to the top of the leagues using pace and lobbed through balls have been forced to learn how to play football and has been subsequently left behind. Not saying thats your case but I think it applies to a good few FIFA players.

I used to play a really quick first touch passing style, usually trippling or quadrupling my opponets passes in every game. When I started playing 16 I felt that style had been completely nerfed. I wasnt able to play the give and goes and one touch football I used to do. At first. But after a lot of games I have now been able to return to that style. Albeit it is a lot harder than in 15, it is still quite possible on not to mention just as effective. However, thanks to the challenge 16 gave me I have learned to adapt and incorporate several other styles as well, as I have been trying to get to grips with the meta of the game.

Bottom line is, FIFA 16 is harder to succeed in than in 15. Some people cant cope with it but all it takes is adjusting and cheap Fifa 16 coins. And no, I think no touch dribbling is a great addition. Also, sprinting is still highly viable this year. You just need to use it right, by finding open space and run into it, knocking the ball far ahead.

It's a great addition for playability but to some extent it's more effective and easier to use than skill moves which leads to feinting all over. Another way I think they could improve is have forwards not able to steal the Fifa 16 coins xbox 360 so easily and intercept. This should be a skill reserved for players who do so in real life such as Griezmann. Ronaldo for example hardly tries on defense and that should be reflected more in the game.

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