Red Cards in FIFA 16

9. října 2015 v 7:31
This has happened to me so many times in FUT, but didn't know it happens in H2H seasons too. Playing against a decent player (evenly matched), me as Bayern, him as RM. He gets an early red card (second yellow) because he's recklessly sliding around (I know, not usual from a good player, but it seemed like he was just messing around). But when he goes a man down, his team starts to play god-like. He didn't even bother to change his formation when his mid left the field, just a gaping gap in the midfield. It's almost as if he knew it didn't matter. I battle back (I know, a man up, sound ridiculous, right?) after he takes the lead on the momentum boost and Ribery draws a penalty and a red card from Ramos. Game tied 2-2, I'm up 2 men, should be my game to win, right? Nope.

Double momentum boost! Ronaldo goes beast mode and my team can't do a thing about it. Again, he doesn't change formation. Missing a central mid and a CB, no problem! End up going down 3-2 and losing 4-2 on a injury time goal when I throw everything into attack.

I know the usual excuses people use for this. No, I don't start playing differently because I've been through this too many times to let up or think that things are going to get easy. In fact, I expect things to get harder when I go up a man, so I focus even more. We know there is momentum in the game, and I'm now certain that it's triggered by red cards as well.

While momentum MAY exist, alot of it is in your head. Lets face it, fifa rewards aggresiveness and get Fifa 16 coins ios, being down 2 and cutting it to 1, people turn up the pressure and play like they got nothing to lose. Add in the fact of seeing your 2 goal lead cut in half and seeing a once wide open game now nearly tied makes you play more conservatively and doubt yourself more and the aggressive player down a goal combined with the over cautious player up a goal usually leads to the player whos up making silly mistakes and said mistakes are often taken advantage of cuz the player

Played locally against my best mate the other day. Beat him comfortably (usually do). Then went down to ten in the second game - did ok up to half time. But the second half was hilarious. My passes were all super-soft, and everything he did worked perfectly. And I mean everything. He couldn't misplace a pass if he tried. I lost 1-5 with both of us laughing at how irrelevant my moves were. That's not paranoia, nor is it positive reinforcement - there was literally no way I could have stopped him from scoring. He's not even very good at finishing. He scored 5 in that game, and a total of 3 goals in the other 5 games besides it. I have no doubt there is some form of momentum in FIFA, although I don't know what the rules are that make it happen. And I don't really care enough to worry about it (I'm way too old to be worrying about that kind of stuff).

I get where people are coming from. I try to practice that as much as possible. My current record in H2H seasons (recently switched from FUT) is 55-4-6, so I'm not a terrible player (although I'm sure some would say that this is a bad record).

ALL I'm saying is that in my experience, the momentum shift that seems to happen when a team I'm playing gets a red card seems excessive to the point that it becomes unrealistic.

I rarely get red cards myself, so I can't say I've experience the other side of it much, but I do seem to recall that my results after going a man down are much better than one would typically expect. The Fifa 16 coins ps3 has two sides.

I experience momentum shifts when I go up by big margins (e.g. 3-0) before halftime in FIFA as well. However, I'm usually able to manage those and "weather the storm" so to speak. I just feel like, more often than not, if you go a man up, you should feel like you have a significant advantage. If you go 2 men up, you should definitely be able to control the game, especially if your opponent doesn't even adjust his formation. It feels easier for me to "control the game" at even strength than it does with 1 or 2 men up and that's not right. I'm a possession and passing player, so I'm not just hoofing the ball upfield or pace-abusing.

Anyway, I get that there are opposing schools of thoughts. Some people are more comfortable with the thought that everything is in their control and that FIFA is always a perfectly level playing field. I'm not one of them. To each his own. What I don't get is the need of people to come in and want to express their superiority over me as a player. I honestly couldn't care less.

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