Three reasons why FIFA 16 continues to dominate UK game chart

22. října 2015 v 7:57
A new GfK Chart-Track report released last Monday showed how FIFA 16 continues to dominate the gaming market in the UK, marking its fourth straight week in the number one spot with "Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection" falling at second place. Even though sales are continuously dropping, with FIFA 16 have a negative 40 percent, the game still manages to stay at the top position, making fans intrigued as to why it is getting rave reviews.

When FIFA 16 was launched last September, many believed it was also the day the Federation Internationale de Football Association has released it's most promising sports franchise in the history of gaming, Forbes Magazine reports. FIFA remains to be the most widely known and recognized sporting organization in the world, let alone played in every continent. Being as such, having it materialized as a game made it even more thrilling for fans as they can see themselves living the dream, selecting their own team, and playing football or soccer as if there is no tomorrow.

Since 2011, FIFA maintains its appeal to people, selling over 3.2 million copies and holding the title for the "fastest sports game to buy Fifa 16 coins. Clearly, it creates a benchmark for all sports games where it becomes difficult to beat, that is why it remains unmoved at the top of most charts. Besides this, here is a list of five reasons why FIFA 16 is the #1 sports game in the world.

1) People can play the game smoothly even if they are unaware of football rules and regulations.

Forbes Magazine adds that with a fast next generation systems and stunning graphics, the FIFA 16 does not disappoint, just like its predecessors. Commentary appears dynamic, the camera moves fluidly with every action and best of all, the feel of the game puts users in a place where they can feel alive and engaged with what they see on the screen.

2) The exciting world of Ultimate Team Mode (FUT).

Game Reactor writes that besides being fully equipped with content bursting with Career Mode, FIFA sliders, and other exciting gameplay activities, FUT makes the game a social experience by using the cards randomly taken from booster packs. It allows gamers to form a team of their own and participate in tournaments, leading to a championship game that can give players with reward coins. Furthermore, be prepared for the FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, the main event every fan lives for.

3) Branding that equates the word FOOTBALL or SOCCER to FIFA.

Forbes Magazine believes branding and word association help in making FIFA 16 retain it's top position. This is like how basketball is often synonymous to NBA and baseball to MLB. While these other sports games are also interesting, FIFA allows not just the imagination to earn Fifa 16 coins but also the tactical skills especially when playing Career Mode. What more, you can play it in whatever game console you wish - PS4, Xbox One, PC and even in mobile.

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