FIFA 16 - New Generation of FIFA Games

2. listopadu 2015 v 7:07
I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe this is the year. If the final version looks a bit like the game, this will be the best FIFA ever.

The game feels slow, but not FIFA 14 slow, where they took years to change directions. Pace is perfect now, no more Doumbia running from the midfield and running right next to the keeper.

Passing is important now, finishing is on point (no more retarded long shots, finishing stat looks like it matters this year. And better, fast players who can't shoot IRL will be harder to get more fifa 16 coins, since it's harder to run away from defenders and send a weak shot near post - that's the best thing!). Slow players aren't useless (Iniesta is really good, Muller is also nice, you don't need 80+ place defenders anymore to be able to defend).

Keepers also looks better, no glitches after 45m of gameplay here.

I feel like crying. We can call FIFA 16 a simulation game, not an arcade piece of shit. RIP, pace abusers. People who thinks FIFA 16 is bad are basically the ones who can't pass the ball except for LB + Y and run away from the keeper with OP players.

Maybe my opinion will change, I need to play more against the CPU and, ofc, against other players, to see if there's anything abusable, but, at least for now, game looks solid.

The game has improved quite a bit. fut16coin will be one of the players to whom the slight changes will pandor too. If you enjoy the passing game with the occcational drible to find room for the pass that sinks the defence then this is for you. However. It feels like teams from the same league play read eachothers attacking movement better. Is this this just me or is anyone else getting this vibe?

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