FIFA 16: the AI will just cut you open

3. listopadu 2015 v 7:02
What's with the player models? They all seem to have big heads and small torso/arms. They just don't look right IMO. And some of the faces are worse than last year.

In terms of gameplay, I've noticed the AI will just cut you open in seconds if you run around and chase the ball. You have to defend, keep your Fifa 16 Account locked and wait for an opportunity to tackle or intercept.

Pace is irrelevant now. Players like Robben, Bale, Cuadrado and even Ronaldo, are struggling to beat mid-pace players.

Crosses are insanely accurate, and headers even more so.
Chipped through balls are still a thing, and the defenders still push up a little sometimes when one is played.

Finishing seems a lot easier. A lot of my goals come from shooting top corner. Very few low shots go in for me. Also, near post seems to be still OP.
BUT! This is still the demo, and the full game could be a lot better. I think a lot of problems would be solved if the controls were less assisted.

I did post about it last year early on in EA forums but all fut16coin got was "we will look into it" from a community manager and was never brought up ever again. It is just masking up and advertising extra formation when the two 4231 formations are exactly same to each other, except that it offers different way to get chemistry. It wasn't like this until fifa 14 and I miss playing on 4231 narrow myself.

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